What to Do If You Get Into a Fender Bender

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Did you know that 3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year in car accidents?

A fender bender is usually a minor accident. But it can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle.

It can even result in injuries.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to handle an auto accident. Here are some tips on what to do if you get into an accident.

Pull Over to Safety

The first thing you need to do is pull over to safety.

If there is no shoulder, or if you’re on a two-lane road, pull into the nearest driveway or parking lot. If you are on a multi-lane road, pull into the nearest lane and let other cars pass by before you exit.

Put on your hazard lights and make sure that there is no one driving behind you who might hit you while you’re stopped.

Exchange Information With the Other Driver

If possible, exchange information with the other driver. This includes their name, address, phone number, and insurance information.

While it may seem like a good idea, don’t discuss fault or blame with the other driver. The police may want to hear what you have to say, but you shouldn’t get into a conversation about who is responsible for the accident with the other driver.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Take pictures of any visible damage, including dents in the hood and the trunk.

Take pictures of the position of both cars. Make sure both vehicles are visible in each photo so that there is no confusion about where they were at the time of impact.

You should also take photos of all four sides of each car. This is so you know how they sustained damage during this fender bender incident.

Seek Medical Attention

You should always seek medical attention even if you don’t think you were injured. You can be injured and not realize it.

If you have any pain in your neck or back, get checked out by a doctor. This is especially true for older individuals who may have sustained injuries that take longer to show up as pain.

Contact a Lawyer

You must get legal help before contacting your insurance company. The lawyer can give you advice and help you decide what to do next.

Your insurance company will probably be eager to settle quickly, but this is not in your best interest. A good lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries and expenses related to this fender bender incident.

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Fender Bender: This Is What You Need to Know

A fender bender can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with.

You are likely not hurt, but your car is damaged and you still have to arrange for repairs or replacement. The best way to prevent this from becoming a major headache is by contacting an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

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