What Are The Most Important ‘Ranking Signals’ For Optimal Performance On Google?

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Google relies on a multitude of ranking factors to determine a website’s worth; some more important than others. In this article, we’re going to take you through a number of critical factors worthy of your time and consideration.

1.     High-quality content

Content is the foundation of your SEO and a successful webpage. High-quality content can draw customers in, keep them on your page longer and demonstrate the corresponding quality of your site. It can prove your authority in a subject, provide entertainment, and provide value. You need to create content that does all this while also matching the keyword search intent of your ideal customer.

Ranking signals are there to allow Google to judge the relevance and quality of your site, so it cannot be argued that content is anything but critical. High-quality content is essential, and without it your SEO strategy is sure to crumble.

2.     UX

UX, or User Experience, is another crucial ranking signal to focus on. If your site is difficult to navigate, poorly laid out or even just unattractive and unappealing, many users will leave right away.

Your SEO company in Dubai can take all the necessary steps to improve the look and feel of your website so your users are happy. And happy users are more likely to stay and to convert.

Google will pay attention to your site architecture, your pages and navigation, and also your core web vitals. Page speed, for example, has a huge impact on your UX, and can seriously negatively impact your ranking on Google. Even a second of delay in your site loading can cause users to leave and Google to penalise you. So make sure your speed is optimised along with the rest of your site.

3.     On-page optimisation

As well as perfecting your site navigation and page speed, on-page optimisation of headings, metadata and more is another critical move you should make. Your on-page optimization is a key ranking signal that Google uses to compare your site to the thousands and thousands of other websites each competing for a look in!


4.     Backlinks

As well as on-page SEO techniques, Google judges the success of your off-page ranking signals. Arguably the most important of these is the kind of backlinks that you have. Those who argue that you can succeed without backlinks are, simply put, misinformed. And those who believe that any old link will do are similarly mistaken.

High-quality, authoritative backlinks from a reputable source is an essentiality.

5.     Mobile first

It took a few years, but finally Google now assesses how accessible your webpage is for mobile users. More people use their mobiles for searches and time on the internet than any other device, and Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic. It is easy to see why making your page mobile-friendly is now so important in the ranking signals.

You can test how mobile-friendly your site is with a number of tools that Google offers. Or you can opt to ensure that everything is working perfectly by hiring an SEO company to take care of it for you.

6.     Don’t forget to E-E-A-T!

While not an official ranking signal, hence the ‘ish, E-E-A-T applies to all of Google’s ranking signals, and is therefore deserving of its own place of importance.

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. These are the four standards by which Google uses as ‘Quality Raters’.

What this all really means is that it isn’t enough to have quality backlinks or clear and speedy on-site navigation. If you really want to rank highly within the search engine results pages, you need to prove at each step and stage that your site is of the highest quality. And that you are an authority in your field.

The right SEO company can help you to perfect your site according to all of Google’s ranking signals, and in such a way that scores highly in each of its quality rating categories.

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