Top Instagram effectiveness tips for increasing sales and promoting your brand


Instagram is a widely used social media that allows brands to connect with their audience. If you want to turn your followers into buyers, you need to gain trust first. Other networks don’t give you the required connection. Knowing this, you need to take advantage of the power of Instagram. Whether you have a beauty, lifestyle, or cricket betting blog, we know that you need some help. Here are the top tips for effectively promoting your brand and turning followers into customers!

Tailor your bio

Your bio is essential. It is the first thing that followers will see when they visit your profile. And it will determine whether they will stay or not. The biggest mistake that brands make is to talk good about themselves. In modern concepts of marketing, bragging won’t take you far. Instead, offer a solution to their problems. Be very specific about how you help them. Remember, it is more about them rather than you. Be sure to tailor the message to your target audience. 

Another important thing about the bio is the fact that you can only add one clickable link. Be sure to use it in the best way possible. Link to your online store or any other target page. 

The power of visuals

Instagram has the power to turn passive followers into customers. The platform is all about the visuals, so be sure to take good photos or high-quality videos. These should represent your product in the best way possible. If your pictures aren’t perfect, be sure to invest in professional equipment or hire a professional. This will pay off in the long run.

Offer specials

Freebies, discounts, or special promotions add value to your effort. Offer your Instagram followers exclusive privilege that they get with pressing the follow button. It should be exclusive for the Instagram fan base. Exclude all of your other social media accounts from this. Your potential customers will rush to get the freebies and will stick around for long. 

Provoke interactions

Social media is all about interactions. You don’t want your followers to think of you as a bot. Let them know that there are real humans behind the brand. Here are a couple of ways in which you can interact:

  • Respond to comments. Whether they are negative or positive, be sure to drop a reply. For the negative ones, have developed strategies handy. 
  • Involve the followers with a challenge. Motivate them to post under your specific hashtag. Encourage them to show off your product or how they use it.


When you step in the game, there is no way out. If you want to keep your hard-earned followers, you need to stay consistent. This means that you should post often. We have seen many brands neglecting their Instagram page. But, this is a bad practice that does no good for your brand. Stick to a schedule, and don’t forget to post any critical updates. 

Work with influencers

Instagram is a great community where the news spread quickly. The influencers are the messengers, as they share their experience with their followers. Many brands would think of paid posts as a waste of money. But, don’t be one of them if you want to spread your message. Nowadays, it isn’t about hard sales. It is all about creating fuss around your product and get everyone to talk about it. 

Curate your feed

There is nothing better than an aesthetically pleasing feed. The images have a consistent color scheme and follow a pattern. Try to implement this in your strategy to attract more followers. There are many apps for Instagram layout and presets, so find the one that speaks of your brand. 


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