“There is a wisdom of head and a wisdom of heart “ -Charles Dickens

Source-International Living

Our soul is an outstanding source of purity; the mind is an incredible source of intelligence and our heart is an uncommon source of might. None of head or heart can be underestimated. Both the wisdom is efficient for divine maturity. They are the most superior reality in the world. We simply cannot judge among the two, by saying which one is better? Only by bringing together head and heart -intelligence and goodness man will rise to fullfilment of his true nature. Both the head and heart needs to work simultaneously to make the possessor contented and successful.

Once god asked Solomon what blessings he should shower on him, Solomon reply was “give wisdom to my heart and head “. He is considered the wisest king of all times. If the wisest king asked for wisdom from God then there must be something unique about it. Maybe even he was confused just like Charles dickens. One can never choose an alternative option in among the two. Not only Charles dickens and Solomon faced the dilemma but everyone face it too.

In that case a question arises: To believe in whose words Head or Heart?

Very rightly said by Fyodar Dastoyensky that “IT TAKES SOMETHING MORE THAN INTELLIGENCE TO ACT INTELLIGENTLY” i.e. our heart. Not to forget that we humans are termed as emotional creatures and not as logical creature. Believe or not no one cares how much you know all they bother is how much you care.

It’s not justified to term heart as more superior? But you are bound to do that because by having only faith on heart can change one’s mind. Not by brainwash but by heart wash. we humans are so much connected with our emotion our heart that when our emotional health is in a bad status, so is our level of self-esteem.

Extreme emotions are never as harmful as extreme intelligence because it always harms one’s self confidence by getting ‘over’ and even one’s interest of exploring more; because at that point we will start thinking as if we know everything and there starts our destruction. For me intelligence is just a tenant in the house of the wisdom.

Some people misleads emotional intelligence? By thinking it as the opposite of intelligence or the triumph of heart over head. But it is very important to understand that it is actually the beautiful intersection of both. The intersection is so beautiful that we obey our heart without even realizing it. At last, if your emotional abilities aren’t in your hand. If you are not able to manage your distressing emotions. If you can’t have sympathy for your own self, then no matter how smart you are. You are not going to get very far.

Author: Sarmin Mondal (XI), West Bengal (silliguri)



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