Technology Is Useful Servant But Dangerous Master

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Now a days we all are enthusiastic to live in a new life style and get smart and quick solution to every problem. If we are expecting to a better life style then, technology or advance technology is prerequisite. Consider the previous life style, when people did not have any facility that may be facility to- Smart Communication, Smart Transportation and so many others. Similarly consider the today’s life style, in this time we all have better facilities in our hands and able to access that at any point of time. In this time intervals to transform from a traditional livelihood to a modern livelihood technology plays a big role. Don’t think it is a great transformation. It is a small factor of technology where we can expect and imagine more and more through technology, that is why people are researching for new technology for new solution and enable us to access new factors of technology day by day. New technology is an imagination of human brain and after few days is becomes reality, because technicians research more on their imagination and introduce it in reality. We can see as some countries have given their contribution in the field of technology and introduced new concept of technology as well as make it useful in reality. Gradually world is becoming to a digital world and it can provide digital solution to the human being. Technology serves something new and easy to human society, that is why we all consider that technology is an useful servant. Technology is a useful servant: Technology is a bless for new India. As a servant, technology fulfills our demands every day. There are different technology for different solution like:- Technology for communication is Social media, where we can engage with public, people, family and friends, where the distance is not an issue . We can also show our facial expressions to a remote person using technology via video calls or using different emoji. Technology in Transportation are Aeroplane, mass transportation system (metro train) and electronic vehicles. These are better transport solution and aim to reduce transportation cost and time. Technology used as man power is robot, which is capable to work as a human and possible gives 100 percent accurate result. The biggest example is humanoid Sophia from Hong Kong. Technology in study is google, which is a best source of information to provide all kind of information as we want. Technology in voice reorganization is Artificial Intelligence, which provides a best solution to search something by using your voice. Just speak what are you looking for and your information in your hands. Example:- Google Assistant and Alexa. Technology in globalization is Internet, which is a medium to be globalize and it provides variety of services to accomplish your tasks. These are the most useful and innovative technology which elaborate many more sub technology. So according to the technicians “Technology is a key to open a new chapter of success” By the help of technology country can be growth its economy factor, that is why businesses are adopted new technology for their production along with business process and participate in economy growth of Country. So it is proofed that technology is more essential to think about a better solution. Technology is an useful servant if we know the way to use it otherwise it can be a dangerous. “Technology should be used in case of urgent because it is an useful Servant” Technology is a dangerous master: Although technology is key factor to make an invention towards the success. It also can affect to the human society in a dangerous way. By the help of technology people got manpower along with working efficient machines. So it is proofed that we lost our physical strength. Technology in social media engages people to communicate with one another in a distance. So it is proofed that technology interrupts us to being socialize in a real time. By using technology there are so many mobile games available and today’s youth are get their entry to it for their refreshment of mind and get engage as every day duty and go away from their goals. So It is proofed that technology is a cause to destroy the vision of students. So, “Technology should not be a reason to destroy your vision” There was a time when technology became a cause of death through a mobile game and its example is Blue Whale game. Conclusion We all are concern to the technology as useful servant, which is also a dangerous master in its other aspect. So thechnology should be adopt when it is useful for better. “Use thechnology when you need Avoid technology when you fit”

Author: Subal Meher, Imperial College, Bargarh


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