Raichur Bellary & Koppal Co-op Milk Producers Federation Limited


Karnataka Dairy Development Corporation Limited was formed on 1-12-1975 to procure milk process and distribute it to consumers in Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur and Hassan Districts. Karnataka Cooperative milk producer’s societies Union Limited was formed in November 1984 to procure milk, process and distribute it to consumers in entire Karnataka state. Thus K.M.F. took over the business from K.D.D.C. Limited. Brand name Nandini created in 1981.Milk Federation is for the progress of milk producers, welfare of employees and service to the consumers.

Activities of K.M.F. started with inception of procurement and input wing at Bellary. Dr V N Ramakrishna was the manager and Dr Syed Ameer Ahmed was a deputy manager. They started organizing cooperative milk producer’s societies in Raichur and Bellary Districts. Dr Syed Ameer Ahmed took more interest and worked hard to organize societies as he hailed from Bellary. Later on he worked as a managing director of Raichur Bellary and Koppal milk producer’s societies union limited for about two to three years.

On 17-1-1986 Bellary dairy was inaugurated as a packing unit. Pasteurised milk was received from Tumkur milk dairy packed in sachets and distributed to public in Bellary. Siruguppa chilling centre was handed over to manager Bellary Dairy in February 1986.I was transferred from K.M.F. Central Office to Bellary dairy and reported for duty to manager Bellary dairy on 2-4-1986.Milk procured by P&I wing Raichur &Bellary unit was chilled at Siruguppa chilling centre and sent to Dharwad milk dairy for processing. During 1988 K.M.F. handed over Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur and Hassan milk dairies to respective district cooperative milk producer’s societies union limited. Procurement and Input wing at Bellary became Raichur and Bellary District cooperative societies union limited in 1989. 

In the end of 1990 purchase of pasteurised milk from Tumkur Dairy stopped. Milk procured and chilled at Siruguppa and Gangavathi chilling centres brought to Bellary Dairy processed and distributed to consumers in Raichur and Bellary Districts. On 1-8-1991 K.M.F. handed over Bellary Dairy along with chilling centres at Siruguppa Gangavathi, Raichur and Ittigi to Raichur and Bellary District cooperative milk producer’s societies union limited. Dr H K Prakash was the managing director of Raichur Bellary District Cooperative milk producers union limited. Sri Thimmareddy from Karur of Siruguppa taluk was the first president of Raichur Bellary cooperative milk producer’s societies union limited. At this time production of Ghee, curds and lassie started in Bellary Dairy.

During 1994 Dr A. N. M. Shivakumar was the managing director. He was one of the most senior person in KMF. He collected around 0.02 paisa per kilogram of milk collected from milk producers in the milk bills. Amount thus retained were used towards expenses of the Raichur Bellary Milk Union (RBMU). RBMU started to become financially stable. He taught us discipline. After 1997 Divisional Commissioner of Bellary Mrs Manjula was the special officer for about 2 years. At that time compound wall for Bellary Dairy was built. Dr T K Narasimmaiah was the managing Director. He invested fifty Lakh rupees in fixed deposit in bank during 1998. It was renewed at kept as fixed deposit till I was retired from service on 31-07-2013. Dr T K Narasimmaiah is no more but work he did remained. Dr M N Venkatram was manager P&I wing from 1989 to 1991.He showed keen interest in the development of Bellary Dairy. He was managing director before Dr T K Narasimaiah. He kept the expenditure to the minimum level. Dairy at Yermarus Raichur started. During his period R.B.M.U. made net profit of one core and odd. He invested twenty lakh rupees in Indira Vikas Pathra it doubled and later it was invested in fixed deposit. The amount remained in fixed deposit till I completed my service. Dr M N Venkatram later became managing director of K.M.F. and retired from service. He is no more. After 2000 Dr Bernad Ernest was the managing director. In Raichur and Gangavathi area buffalo milk was available in plenty. Buffalo milk was collected separately in silo brought to Bellary Dairy and packed. Buffalo milk named Shubum and sold to public in Bellary and Hospet. There was lot of demand for this variety and sale of milk in RBMU was nearing one lakh at this time. Other milk unions in the state deputed their staff and Officers to see how Shubum milk is prepared and marketed.

Kudligi milk chilling centre was started. Milk procured in and around kudligi was collected, chilled and sent to Bellary dairy for processing. Days went on Dr Syed Ameer Ahmed came back to RBMU as managing director after 2002. During his time private brand milk was launched in Bellary. He ordered many of the staff and Officers to go to the city early in the morning to issue pamphlets to promote the sale of Nandini milk. Dr Syed Ameer Amed also sometimes came early in the morning in his bike to guide staff and officers of RBMU. Health department officials in Bellary tested private brand milk packets before his eyes. As staff and officers were on the route about a month sale of nandini milk improved. Sale of private branded milks curtailed.

Around 2008 Sri B M Premnath became managing director.  Earlier he had worked as manager P&I wing RBMU for three years. During his time Bulk Milk Coolers were established in many places in Raichur Bellary Districts. Milk procurement increased. Besides chilling centres milk was also chilled in bulk milk coolers before coming to Bellary Dairy. During 2009-10 there was a shortage of buffalo milk, to prepare and market shubum milk cost was high. Managing Director at that time was Dr T Prasanna. He was a veterinary doctor as well as dairy technologist. He standardized the shubum milk and reduced the cost of preparation. In boiler section solar energy was used it resulted savings in the use of furnace oil.  Medal was awarded to R.B.K.M.U Ltd. At this time fifty paisa per kilogram of milk was collected towards infrastructure from milk producer’s bill. It helped the organisation financially. I retired from service on 31-7-2013.Thus Raichur Bellary &Koppal cooperative milk producer’s societies union Limited grew from 1985 to 31-7-2013.I love the organisation that is two furlongs away from my house. Managing directors of the organisation are deputed from Karnataka cooperative milk producer’s societies union Limited Bangalore. Managing Directors took correct decisions with the help of Board of directors of Raichur Bellary & Koppal Cooperative milk producers societies union Limited all times including difficult times. Hard work done by staff and officers of the milk union is also responsible for its growth. Milk union also had elected milk producers as president. In some years we had special officers appointed by K.M.F as president. In some years Divisional Commissioners of Bellary also worked as special officers of R.B.K.M.U.

Raichur Bellary & Koppal cooperative milk producer’s societies union Limited has three dairies at Bellary, Koppal & Raichur. It has chilling centres at Dadesugur, Kudligi, Ittigi Kushtagi and Hospet besides bulk milk coolers at various places. There is also sub office at Sindanoor, Kushtagi, Gangavathi and koppal to supply artificial insemination equipment, cattle feed, & other materials to milk producers. R.B.K, M.U. Ltd at present sell Nandini brand toned milk, Shubum milk, Shubum gold Special toned milk, curds, ghee, pedha and Lassie etc.,  

Administrative office of RBKMU is situated at Sanjaygandhinagar Ballari. Ballari dairy work round the clock with three shifts. Officers and staff numbering more than hundred persons are working in the organisation. There are also good number of labourers also working. Average procurement and sale of milk may be around one lakh litter per day approximately at present. Primary milk producer’s cooperative societies as well as District cooperative milk producer’s societies are registered under state cooperative societies act. Raichur Bellary & Koppal cooperative milk producer’s societies union Limited is facing tough competition in marketing Nandini brand milk against private branded milk.  These private milks are manufactured outside    Bellary, Raichur & Koppal districts, but marketed in our area. There is district cooperative milk producer’s societies union in each district. They should develop their own milk against private branded milk.  Government either state or central government should encourage milk procured processed and marketed by cooperative sector. Milk with neomonic symbol awarded by National Dairy Development are milk from cooperative sector. At present anybody with milk storage tank of ten thousand litters can get a license from government of India process milk and milk products and market in India. To encourage milk from cooperative sector this limit can be raised from ten thousand litters to twenty thousand litters.

If a person buy one litter of Nandini milk in Karnataka one milk producer in a village is benefitted.  If a man buy one litter of Alvin milk a milk producer in a village in Tamilnadu is benefitted. If a man buys one litter of Vijay milk producer in a village in Andhra Pradesh or Telenghana is benefitted.

By VINCENT R NOEL, Ballari, Karnataka


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