KidZania -Indoor Theme Park

By Malyatha Sadagopan


The world’s best place for fun happens to be a centre which lies in several countries. That play place which helps kids unlock their true inner self is Kidzania. Opened in August 2013, this Kid’s playplace focuses on a variety of jobs, setting up a doctor’s office, supermarkets, Vet places and other pretend places creating a new city just for kids. It was a special city and one could explore it for four hours if they pay the required fees. It has an age limit and children till fourteen are allowed in. Children under three years require no fees. This place even has a big kiddie aeroplane in which everyone fits in. Children don’t fly it, of course, but they are allowed to be passengers and stewardesses. Real food is also provided to give the place a more realistic feeling. If they want, kids take out costumes of the various professions they want to be. They can be a pilot and fly a pretend plane which has real buttons which give out a quite real effect to make everyone present on the plane really feel that they are in the air. There is even a fake kidzania currency which kids use to buy pretend groceries when they visit the grocers place. For doing every work, they get paid by ‘Kidzania salary’. Using this money, they can pay for other things in Kidzania, like a piece of chocolate, or invest the money for some other attraction. This is not only fun, but also gives out a sensation of a ‘grown up’ feeling to the kids, so that they understand responsibility. It also teaches little children what to do in case of an emergency. Every now and then, in big pretend malls, a fire might mysteriously turn up and give the firefighters a chance to save the day. Kidzania is not all about education, of course. You don’t feel like being anyone, you could always chill out in the cafe, or crash on a bed pretending to be a patient, try the rock climbing wall, or just hang out in the mall. It’s fun to explore with the maps of Kidzania. Even though the name is Kidzania, this city also has grown- ups who are served by kids. The grown ups might visit a supermarket to pick out some chocolate and find out that their cashier was a small child who knew about money. Kidzania is present in lots of countries. There are about 27 such centres across the globe, with a few ten more under construction. Did you know that it is an indoor city in which everything happens and functions including an aeroplane? It’s true, Kidzania is a city inside a building. That concept is totally mind – blowing. This is one of the things that is shocking in Kidzania. It is the fact that it is an indoor city! In every place in Kidzania there is a grown up who keeps an eye over everyone and teaches them how to do things. Kids can’t always understand money, so that’s where a grown up steps in. Some of the cafes in Kidzania are real and no kids work there. There are some baby care centre’s where everyone learns how to take care of a baby. Kidzania is literally one of a kind. It shows kids what they really excel at and shows them different professions to choose from. If you want to experience fun, studies, and a kid city all at the same place, Kidzania’s the place to go. It’s a challenge going to Kidzania because it’s a pretty big play place, and even though you are allowed four hours inside Kidzania, even that time’s not enough to explore the city and it’s attractions! There’s no competition, Kidzania is the world’s best indoor play place. East or West, Kidzania’s the best!  

By Malyatha Sadagopan, Pune


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