By: Kushal.s

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This year we had an educational travel trip by the Kannada department of our college, all the students went on this trip with excitement and enthusiasm, our aim was to visit Kolar and many places around it. On Wednesday morning we left for the bus after worshiping and our teacher was with us. After the college prayer,

First reaching Kolar we visited Someshwara Temple there, he give information about all the places. The Someshwara Temple 14th century and was built in the Dravidian style. The Shivalinga here was very eye-catching. This elaborate temple had an impressive sculptural splendor. All the students offered their prayers to Lord Shiva and took Mangalarati.

Our next visit is to Kolaramma temple, the Shakti deity of the town, which is not far from Someshwara Temple, this temple is popularly known as Shakti. The temple was very clean even though it was 3rd century old. Inside the temple was a blooming green garden, the sanctorum of the temple built on the site of Andakriti has no tower. For the first time we saw Veeragalls, were made and planted in memory of the heroes who died in war We were thrilled to see these. The idol of Kolaramma was also brightly decorated. The single stone idol of Saptamatrikeya here is special.

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Then at 11.00 am we reached Ganapati temple in Kurudumalai. He said that the idol was installed by the great sages of Kaundi, and that this Ganapati has been growing since the 3 yugas of Krita Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Treta Yuga. This Udbhavamurti stood uncultivated during the Kali Yuga, when Rama Lakshana and Panchapandas are mentioned to have visited this temple. The place was first known as Kudumalai and now known as Kurudumalai, Kudumalai means the place where the hills meet.

It was fascinating. In order to see this Ganpati idol as it is very tall, After this to the temple of Shiva which is a little far away . In front of the temple is the Mahadwarganapati, Mr hari gave us the details here. On the left and right pillars in the foreground can be seen the idols of King, Queen, Peacock and Subrahmanya Swami..

The carving of the king’s Image on the pillar here is very beautiful and he told the information. Even though King Appu had wealth and had so many servants, he sat there on the bank like a common man with a leaf on his head until the temple work was completed, believing that all are human and none are eternal.

And when the Rani comes to perform the work of the temple, she comes on an elephant and after all the work is done, she calls the locals there and entrusts them with the responsibility of the temple and while leaving from there, one can see the carving of her leaving on a horse.After hearing this, no matter how rich we are, no matter how many degrees we have, we must still be human beings. We learned that whatever we do, it belongs to one of us and we should not be selfish. Mind was very happy.

I prayed to that god here and begged her to forgive me for the wrong I have done knowingly or unknowingly. Then I asked everyone to protect them. Here the idol of the mother was blooming very bright to see. The mind was very relieved. We sat there for a while and were satisfied looking at the surrounding nature. From there, reached the front door at 12:55 p.m. Sri Veeranjaneya. We reached This temple is very spacious facing Veeranjaneya on the left is the Venkateswara Temple.

We all finished our meal here and then continued our journey. Then came to a place called 2-58 in the afternoon. It was a complex of several temples and was very beautiful. Later He performed water anointing for a small lingam in our hands. He said that it was like anointing a 108 foot lingam. He called it Jalalingeshwar.

The atmosphere In all these places was very good. Mostly fresh air was blowing. A lot of trees can be seen, rocks can be seen. Wide open plains were visible everywhere. It was a special experience for us to see inscriptions and hero stones for the first time. We were very happy. Together with all the girlfriends, we travelled to all places and learned all the things with concentration. We all returned home at 6.30 pm.

Enjoying the pleasure of the trip with us, friend conceived such a moment that can remain fixed in the memory, this was best and favourite destination for my life.

By: Kushal.s

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