How to travel Thailand on a cheap budget?

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Along with being one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand is also among the best cheap travel preferences. Apart from the most affordable Thailand tour packages from Mumbai; there are a lot more ways to travel on a shoestring without much hustle.

While exploring the Land of Smiles, planning things beforehand will always let you keep ups your executions well and affordably done. So, if you’re seeking to keep things absolutely affordable, surely consider advanced planning and enough research about the place. Find the most suitable ways of traveling within the country. Also, it would be suggestible to spend time in finding the most affordable deals and packages. You may have the least to consider while you’re traveling solo; however, it would be a necessity to look at things from several different perspectives while traveling in groups.

How to make your trip affordable?

Before finalizing anything, make the idea very clear in your mind that you are not going to have these travel opportunities every time. Therefore, make efforts to implement it as one of the best travel experiences. Further, consider what you expect from this trip and plan your budget accordingly. Since all this may not be enough, below mentioned are a few points you may consider.

Eating on a budget

By deciding to eat at street-side stalls and local restaurants, you are likely to save a lot of money while you travel. Your craving to eat Western may soon drain all your funds. Of course, those high rated restaurants may have some standards set for pricing too. And you may end up paying around three times more than what you may pay at the local restaurants.

Make sure that you make the optimum benefit of the breakfast, water and snacks that are offered at guesthouses being a part of their per night rate for stays. While you are travelling in groups, you may bring together your resources and find some good local places to savor on the special recipes. This will be economically beneficial and at the same time, will let you try several different things.

Stay on a budget

It is not at all difficult to find affordable stays in Thailand. However, you will have to do proper research to find out the most affordable neighborhoods. Many travelers end up with the thought that they may have to live among 20 other annoying travelers in dorm rooms. But this is misconception. You can easily find single accommodations at absolutely reasonable prices. Also, if you’re planning to stay at a single place while you travel, make sure to bargain for a better price on the weekly or monthly basis based on your travel plan.

Free and Non Expensive Activities in Thailand

You would always find a lot of interesting free and non-expensive activities to partake in Thailand. Reaching out to more of these could save you a lot of funds. Most of the Thailand bars do not impose a cover charge. You may therefore be free to enjoy live music and order cheap or free drinks. There are many popular temples and marketplaces that could be explored in Thailand without spending much.

All of these would probably change as you travel from North to South Thailand or vice versa. There are also a lot of national parks to explore with some of the best hiking trails to be taken up. Most of the Thailand Tour Packages would take you through these.

Here are a few best places to reach when considering cheap travel:

  • Koh Phangang

The most important attraction here is the full moon party that is held every month. This is one of the best destinations for all party birds and can expect the best party experiences with neon lights, music and the starlit sky. You may also look forward for some good beach time here.

  • Kanchanaburi

Being one of the major places involved in the Second World War, this city has as lot of historical events to portray. There are a lot of interesting activities to do including hiking the most beautiful waterfalls in the Erawan National Park, visiting the war museums and the popular bridge over the Khwae River.

  • Bangkok

Bangkok is known popularly as the largest and one of the most bustling cities in Thailand. Although sit may turn out to be quite expensive for accommodation, you may find the best deals for food and alcohol. There are a lot of interesting attractions that could be explored like the Wat Arun Temple, Grand Palace and the Khao San Road for exuberant nightlife.

  • Chiang Mai

This is an amazing Northern city in Thailand that is rich in culture. There some very popular Buddhist temples like the Wat Phra Singh Temple and the Wat Chedi Laung Temple. You could scome across some of the best cultural and historical explorations here.

  • Koh Chang

Situated right next to Cambodia, Koh Chang is an amazing beach destination to offer you a lot of interesting experiences. You may also consider visiting the Mu Koh Chang National Park for appreciable hiking experiences. Visiting the Bang Bao and lounges there could let you have great time. Also, the views of crystal clear blue waters are equally mesmerizing.

  • Krabi

This could probably be called a more expensive destination than the others mentioned above. However, the exuberant attractions here are going to make up the best of your time. The Phi Phi islands and the Paradise Island could be visited for the best hiking and party experiences.

  • Sikhothai

This province situated in Central Thailand is one of the major visits for all tourists here. There are a lot of interesting attractions like the Sukhothai Historical Park, amazing museums and centuries old temples. The stunning city sights would be a lifetime experience for you.

You may pick up the most suitable and affordable Thailand tour packages from Mumbai and seek to make your trips affordable and perfect with the points mentioned above. Moreover, Thailand is an absolutely amazing travel experience of all time.


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