How to remove fluoride from your water?


helps prevent the decaying of teeth. However, there are many controversies related to the content of fluoride in drinking water. Fluoride can cause serious health problems in the human body, and the most common is damage to joints and bones.


The permissible fluoride content in drinking water is 0.7 mg/liter. However, the fluoride content is higher than this in many places, and people don’t know about the same. It is essential to remove fluoride from water to make it fit for drinking. Let us explore the best ways to do it.

Activated Alumina

The compound is extracted from sapphires and rubies. Also, some impurities are added to give a different color like a gemstone. Also called aluminum oxide, it is used to treat groundwater containing large amounts of fluoride. Although it can remove 90% of the fluoride in water, the water’s pH level needs to be around 6.5.

If you use active alumina, then you should know that it involves getting rid of it completely. Hence, it does reduce the concentration to a minimum level of 0.1 ppm, making the water safe to drink.


Distillation is another popular method to remove fluoride from water, but affordable than other methods. It is one of the oldest available techniques to remove contaminants from drinking water. The process works similarly to the earth’s water cycle. Distillation is a natural process that allows water to evaporate and condensate. In this technique, water is heated for evaporation and transferred into another container. As the water evaporates from one container, the fluoride remains in the container, and pure water is transferred and condensates into another container.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

The reverse osmosis system is the most common method used to remove fluoride from water because it requires minimal maintenance. Also, compared to other methods, this filtration system is safe to use and does not cost much.

This method uses pressure technology to force the water from entering your home to pass through a filtration process. It consists of a carbon filter and a semi-permeable membrane that absorb fluoride after passing in water. Other than fluoride, it also removes other contaminants, including chlorine, lead, and others.


Deionization is another effective method of removing fluoride from drinking water. It is commonly used to remove minerals and ionize the salt present in water.

If you want to use this method to remove fluoride, you need to add an ion-exchange resin to the system. Keep this in mind, as not all deionization systems can do this, so be sure to do this before making a purchase.

Those who use other water filtration systems in their home can also add deionizers to it. You need to buy a deionization cartridge and get it installed on the available filtration system.

The best part about this system is that it not only removes fluoride; it also softens hard water and removes other contaminants.

Gravity Filters

Using a gravity filter is one of the old ways to remove fluoride from drinking water. With this product, you can use gravity to remove contaminants from your water supply.

This item includes the bottom and top parts. One has a supply of contaminated water, while the other has a liquid supply in pure form.

Using a gravity filter offers several benefits over your traditional filtration methods. First, it can operate without plumbing or electricity. It also comes in different sizes, serving as a must-have for camping. Finally, it is easy to install and use.

Sink water filter

With a sink water filter, you can supply drinking water for domestic use. You can use this tool in homes of maximum 6 people. It also comes in various sizes and can withstand long usage.

Most models have lightweight features and do not require external power to move them to your preferred location. You do not even need a plumber to install it. This means that you can take it on a camping trip or place it on your kitchen table.

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Final Words

Clean water is the requirement of every household and organization. Now, as you know, these methods to remove fluoride from the water, you can use them or guide others. There are many water purifiers and filters that remove not only fluoride but other heavy metals and contaminants from water. Having a high-quality water purifying system can help you to get pure and clean drinking water for your family’s health.


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