How To Keep Your Home Looking Spotless This Diwali: Tips and Tricks for a Cleaner, Happier Home

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Did you know Diwali is also considered the ‘Month of Clean’? While most of us think about lighting firecrackers and candles, this significance makes cleaning a top priority. If you plan to have a cleaner home this Diwali, read on to learn some quick tricks to help you achieve that. These small things can have a significant impact in the long run. The new year brings an opportunity to make our lives simpler, cleaner and happier. After all, studies show that living in a tidy and organized space helps us feel good about ourselves. It’s time to ditch the mess in your life and embrace minimalism like never before. With these simple hacks, declutter your home and keep it that way for the rest of the year.

Reorganize Your Entire Home

Before cleaning your house, plan and start organizing the rest. Decluttering your home is essential if you want to keep it clean. Here’s how to get started: – Start with your closet and drawers: We all have clothes we never wear and accessories we rarely use , so donate all of that for good.

 – Go through your bookshelf: Any books you have not read in over a year should be given away to someone who would love to read them.

 – Discard your CDs and DVDs: Send them to e-waste recycling companies for eco-friendly disposal. 

– Organize your kitchen: The kitchen can become a mess over time. Remove all the expired food, clean the counters and organize your pantry.

– Declutter your living room: Your living room is the centre of your home. Declutter your coffee table and make it as tidy as possible.

– Declutter your bedroom: Your bedroom should make you feel relaxed and happy. Donate all the things that do not belong in your bedroom.

Donate The Things You Don’t Need

The first thing you should do is purge your house of all the things you don’t need. This will make your place much neater and cleaner. Plus, you can always sell or donate your stuff and make money. Remember, a neat house is a happy house. You can do it in 2 ways:

 – Start with your closet: Take everything out of it and put it on the floor. Ask yourself if you have worn the item in the last six months. If the response is no, you should probably get rid of it.

– Do the same with your drawers: You will be surprised at how much you will find when cleaning your drawers.

Clean the floors with a good floor cleaner.

Since most of the mess in your house is probably on the floor, you need to ensure that they are clean and tidy. You can use a good floor cleaner to remove dirt and grime from your floor, making your home look much cleaner and fresher.

– You can use a steam mop to clean the floors, it is one of the best ways to clean your floors, and it is super easy as well.

– You can also use a wet mop or a cleaning broom to clean the floor.

Bathroom Cleaning

A bathroom is where a lot of dirt and grime is collected over time. It would be best if you cleaned it thoroughly and often. Here’s how you can keep your bathroom cleaner.

– Replace all the old towels, sponges, and washcloths, as they will only cause more mess and bacteria over time.

– Clean your bathroom countertops and sink every week. This will keep your bathroom cleaner and neater.

 – Clean your toilet bowl every week.

– Clean your floors weekly with a vacuum cleaner or a wet mop. Helping you keep your floor cleaner and remove any grime on it.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is one of the messiest places in your house, and it is the place where we store all our food. Here are a few ways to keep your kitchen cleaner and neater.

– Discard all the expired food from your kitchen. Keeping it can be very dangerous and unhealthy.

– Clean your counters every week with a good plant-based cleaner. This ensures no toxic products are used near food.

-Clean out the kitchen sink, once every week.

– Always keep your kitchen floor clean and tidy. You can use a wet mop to clean it.

– Clean your stove and the other appliances once a week.


While all this cleaning may seem like a lot of work, it’s also advantageous. Not only will your house look better, but you’ll also feel better. Moreover, keeping your house clean is a great stress reliever, which will only lead to a much cleaner, happier life!

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