How the Pen was Invented


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POWER, STRENGTH, MIGHT– These are the words to describe something so small, seeming insignificant and useless. From ages past and generations gone by its been misused, destroyed and paid less attention to and on to this day THE PEN is one of the most powerful commanding objects.

 It is often said that the one who lays hold the pen is a well educated, informed and learned man. Talking and good vocal prowess has been termed one of the most powerful tools of reaching and connecting but no one has paid attention to the fact that the voice of the pen is actually the most powerful. A good vocal prowess is actually a messenger of the pen. Every of those words said in speeches are always constructed with a pen. This is something unusual and very mind-blowing. All well-known celebrities, writers, doctors, poets, engineers, people of substance reputation, and educated men were guided and birthed by the pen. Many of which their names still live on and strike a chill down the bones today; even if some of them are dead simply because of their findings and doings. Without the answer to the call of the pen, their respect, inventions in society would have gone down 6 feet, as if they had never lived.

Man has made numerous inventions. We have found ways to communicate easily {including to foreign countries}, as news migrates from one end of the world to the other within a second. Man does a lot of amazing things today: can predict weather, go to the moon, doctors have found ways to treat and cure ailment, viruses which formerly were incurable. All this and more has been possible by the knowledge, understanding and application of the magic words formed by the pen. The pen is indeed the mouthpiece of the mind.

The wonderful masterpiece invented, dates back to over 2000BC and over time the pen has won many countries their independence, and world leaders have used it to obtain the jewel of their freedom. This powerful device can birth millions with a single stroke. The pen crafts words, and these words have unusual power. Words naturally have power to cajole, influence {positively or negatively}, end tears, and carve smiles. Words can be healing to emotional wounds and terminate fears. Smart words can make the wealthy and happy in the future. On receiving birthday cards it’s not the beauty cover that matters but the words in it and these words are channeled via a pen…What a powerful object!

Brute force will never be as powerful as wisdom and wisdom’s first channel of being expressed is through the pen. So while on one hand the sword tries to fight battles, on the other hand a pen can end a battle and terminate a war, unite the world and generate global peace. The pen has the capacity to end wars and place everyone at peace living without fears. The words of a pen are powerful, including the good and bad. The words crafted by a pen are always better than the fallen blood and violence of the sword. Violence will bring you nothing but death and burdens, but the pen will bring you grace, peace, success, strength and wealth. The power of the pen is so great and deserves to be a lifetime billboard number 1 as the sword will bow to its knees. Destroy the sword and live in the agenda of what the pen holds for us which are peace and knowledge. Throughout history, we have looked up various disputes, and heard their success stories. Have you ever thought about what was a binding deal common to all apart from their strength? It was well detailed. While others tackled enemies, there was a group probably who seemed insignificant that wrote and rapidly spored the word making people aware of the happenings.

The gains by the sword are temporary, non-willful, and very much illegal at certain points but winning by the pen is winning skillfully and wisely. The invention of pens has basically fueled the basis of our Evolution. It is through pens that we could write and pass information for generations to come. The greatest pieces of art from powerful writers or the greatest discoveries in science, (Newton, or da Vinci ) would not be  knowledge that is easily accessible, if not for the invention of  pen.

Today, with the evolution of technology, pens are now being replaced by smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and the use of pens is constantly depreciating. However, pens will go into records as one of the most powerful, important inventions of all time and  in the history of mankind.



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