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Imagine a situation when a mother is wailing for her child, an orphan is begging his death, disabled oldies are shouting and rest people have get their way up to heaven.

Yes, these critical situations faces every year by thousands of people which makes either bend their knees or broke their knees. This is caused by natural disasters which shows its wild face just for few minutes but changes the phase of the country for many years. Although we have the technology like seismographs for earthquake, weather forecast for heavy rains but alas we have not been able to control nature yet and even not be in the future. How developed and smart we are but not more than god. But we can take some measures to resolve this dangerous and heavy problem.

This problem can be solved in many ways but more than ways, there are more danger which can surround us at any time which includes earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, cyclones, landslides, avalanche, volcano eruption, tornadoes, droughts etc. This list is not last but least. These are sufficient to take your life. According to reports, floods and tsunamis are the most dangerous natural disaster among others. The flood has many faces to threaten the life of human beings as for an example coastal flooding, river flooding, flash flooding, groundwater flood, drain flooding, etc. we  even cannot imagine that the flood can reach to us in many different ways.

The India is a country for whom more rainfall is a blessing as it helps in our agriculture, which is our backbone of the country but who knows that one day in 2013, it might be the curse for the natives and pilgrims of Uttarakhand. As in this case, when floods covered the kedarnath in 2013, more than 5748 people get into the land. A number of pilgrims died who had just intention to preach god. Along with them, 4500 villages were badly affected. This is an example of flash flooding which is caused due to melting of ice and snow. This is result of global warming which is the root of deforestation. This flood is a live example of destruction. It is caused only by the disturbing the nature. The nature takes revenge from us in this way. However, we have dams to control heavy rains but if these dams will became a curse for us, then?  Broken dams give the invitation to the flood and welcome the death. This is not a new thing even many times these dams become the reason of flood. Even, there is no reason to build dams as first by setting up dams, a lot of vegetation has been removed, next it affect the wildlife and aquatic life too and also during heavy rains, dams are unsuccessful to serve their duty.

But there are some measures that can be taken by us to escape flood at some extent which are:

  • Always keep a first aid box with you for any disaster as in emergency which should contain at least two water bottles, packed  food material, flash light, extra batteries, local maps, cell phone with  chargers and a backup battery, feminine supplies, personal hygiene items, some medicines with doctor prescription and other needy material according to the family needs.
  • Buildings should be constructed at above the flood level as it is safe to live on high places during flood.
  • Install check regulator in sewer traps to prevent floodwater from returning up into your home.

If floods surrounds you, then don’t become scare, follow these steps:

        • Switch off all the electric appliances and don’t touch them with wet hands, it can give shock as well as risky for life.
        • Don’t try to drive in an over flooded water, at that time reach at safer side by using alternate route.
        • If you are going somewhere to save someone or to take anything, then don’t believe on your eyes. Take a stick to measure the depth and if the depth is more than or equal to six inches then don’t take your next step as this could make you sink.
        • Use the map to go anywhere as you need to live away places from canals or water storing areas.
        • Neither stands under a tree nor stood under the shade of any building.

“Precautions are better than cure” rightly said. As however if we have passed the flood water, it’s not the matter of feeling safe as many mosquitoes and insects broods on water. Many animals including humankind got died in that water which hence bad for us.

So to prevent it, here are some precautions need to be taken after flood:

  • Do not drink tap water until the local government declare it to be safe.
  • Avoid places where power lines have fallen as there is risk of electric shock.
  • After floodwater recedes and when you return back your home, do not switch on power, adequate toilet facilities, utensils and other day to day household things especially electronic gadgets should not come in use.

We can do our best to protect ourselves but besides this, humanity, generosity should be risen up inside other people who are watching the floods on television but not helping them. People who sell the water bottles at high price to these flood victims; they are not human to be called. They are a big spot in name of human. Although, teams reach at this spot and provides them food and water by air service but it’s not sufficient for every victim.  We can only adopt some precautions, some scientific technology but no technology can save us from coming danger. At the time of danger, we all should abide with each other, should help each and also to share everything they have. But besides this, the most important cause of any natural disaster is deforestation which is taking our earth towards its declining health which we should protect to keep save the creatures living inside it.


Author BioSakshi Agarwal ,15 years old girl from Agra, India. A participant of International Essay Competition, December.


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