Festivals – Great Moment to Celebrate

By: Aabruti Chakraborty

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E-sports is a Legit Sport
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Festivals are celebrated to bring the busy lives together at a certain location to unite people and to explore the culture. India is the land where multiple festivals are celebrated. Over here, different communities reside. Festivals are not celebrated for only enjoyment, though, it is celebrated according to the astrological guidance and importance for upbringing the positivity and spreading good vibes in the atmosphere. However, it has been found that, festivals also promotes some negative impacts on the environment which includes overcrowding, pollution, dry waste. All these things directly impacts on the atmosphere which results in degradation of the environment.

Snippets of some famous festival


This festival is celebrated by the Hinduism community. This festival is celebrated by decorating oil lamps, lights, rangolis and bursting the crackers, all these are the main attraction. People celebrate this festival by worshiping goddess Kali and goddess Lakshmi for scattering positive energies.

Dusshera or Vijayadashami or Durga Puja

This festival is celebrated in the month of Ashwin. This signifies the victory of good spirit over the evil by burning the statue of Ravana and dousing of the idols of goddess Durga. Durga Puja is celebrated by forming the idol of goddess Durga with the help of clay, the same process is followed for the other four idols of Lakshmi, Ganesh, Saraswati and Kartikeya.
Raksha Bandhan: On this festival, sisters ties an amulet or rakhi on the wrist of brothers. Rakhi is the significance of protection. Not only blood relation brother-sister matters in this ceremony, rather than blood relationship, people celebrate this festival with school friends, neighbors, colleagues.


This festival is mainly celebrated by the Muslims by breaking the fast. This ceremony is done by performing Islamic prayer within an open area or inside a hall. All the Muslims celebrate this occasion with great devotion and shares multiple dishes and desserts with their community. They also invite their Hindu friends, neighbors on this auspicious day to celebrate together.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is known as the god of intelligence and wisdom. This festival is celebrated by forming clay idols or murti of Ganesha. Temporary pandals are made with the presence of the Ganesha idol and the priest performs all the Hindu rituals by partaking prasad with all the devotees.

Guru Nanak Jayanti or Gurpurab

This festival is celebrated among the Sikh religion and is popular as Guru Nanak’s birthday. This is celebrated for the purpose of inventing the Sikh community in the society. To celebrate this festival, people go to Gurudwaras and reads the Guru Granth Sahib (holy book) for forty-eight hours without any break. According to the rituals, some people carry the Sikh flag and some carries the Palanquin, while some of them plays different instruments and all the devotees sing the hymns in a chorus manner, also some people show different martial arts with the traditional weapons.


This festival is popular among the Christians, also it is celebrated by many non-christian members. The date of this festival is fixed, that is on 25th of December. Christian celebrate this day for Jesus Christ to make his birthdate special. People gather together in Churches and lit candles in front of the statue of Jesus Christ.

Intricacy of environmental welfare estimation

  • Usage of crackers causes air pollution, spreads toxic gases in the environment.
  • Respirable Suspended Particulate Material are the tiny particles, due to these particles many health problems occur.
  • Due to air pollution, people face problems like asthma.
  • Noise pollution is the well known problem during festive seasons.
  • High decibel sounds can cause severe health issues, it can directly effect on the ear and heart of human beings.
  • Immersion of the clay idols can lead to water pollution.
  • Colors, fabrics, that are used in creating the idol consist of lead and Mercury which is harmful for the water bodies and the biodiversity.
  • Plastics, flowers, all these non-biodegradable materials can pollute the water.
  • Festivals create huge amount of dry waste which includes incenses, flowers, fruits.
  • All the dry waste leads to valley of garbage.
  • Many wastes are recycled but the mixture of all the waste product fills the land and creates huge problem in the society. 


Festival gave us enjoyment and harms the environment as well. People forget about the side effects while enjoying and celebrating. Though, every festival bring some positive vibe and some negative vibe and it is very important to focus on the side effects, so that our environment remain disease free and pollution free. All these bad effects leads to health problems. It is good to celebrate all the festival because celebrations rejuvenate human lives, and people gets some refreshment.

Also by celebrating festivals, people helps to teach about the culture and manifest positive knowledge towards the society. But, it is also necessary for the people to understand the importance of a healthy environment and also pollution harms our Mother Earth. Our environment protect us from many disasters, so equally, people had to take care of the environment and had to protect the motherland.

By: Aabruti Chakraborty

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