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International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is a global hub for education and learning, known for its exceptional academic standards. With a focus on providing world-class education and preparing students to thrive in the 21st century, it is no surprise that Singapore has become home to some of the most prestigious international schools in the world.

Best International schools in Singapore offer an enriched educational experience that blends progressive pedagogical approaches with a strong emphasis on international values and cultural understanding. These schools often offer multilingual programs and provide excellent support services for children from diverse backgrounds. For expat families living in Singapore, international schools are an attractive option as they provide high quality education based on standards set by their home countries while keeping students connected to their culture and heritage. 

There are more than 50 international schools in Singapore offering various curricula including American, British, Canadian, French, German, International Baccalaureate (IB), Japanese and Korean systems of schooling. Most of these institutions feature state-of-the-art campus facilities such as science laboratories, libraries and IT suites; sports fields; auditoriums; swimming pools; cafes; boarding houses – all designed to provide students with a safe learning environment where they can develop both academically and socially. 

Benefits of Attending an International School in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most sought-after countries for international education. As a hub for global business, Singapore offers world-class education to international students from all around the world. Attending an international school in Singapore can be incredibly beneficial for both parents and students alike. Here are some of the top benefits of attending an international school in Singapore:

1. Exposure to Different Cultures: International schools in Singapore foster a multicultural environment where students can learn and understand different cultures, beliefs and values from around the world. This helps them build strong relationships with people from various backgrounds while developing a more tolerant attitude towards differences.

2. High Academic Standards: With its high standards of academic excellence, attending an international school in Singapore will ensure that your child receives top quality education that is on par with leading institutions worldwide. International schools also provide excellent access to resources such as modern technology which can help enhance learning outcomes even further.

3. A Global Perspective: Attending an international school gives children a fresh perspective on life by exposing them to different people, ideas and cultures from across the globe which they may not have been exposed to otherwise at home or at their local schools back home depending on where they come from .

Features of International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its high-quality education system and its international schools are no exception. International schools in Singapore provide students with an excellent learning environment, highly qualified teachers, and a curriculum that’s designed to meet the needs of students from around the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the features that make international schools in Singapore so attractive to families looking for an exceptional education experience.

International schools in Singapore offer rigorous academic standards as well as unique cultural experiences. The curriculum offered by these schools often includes language instruction (including Mandarin Chinese or English as a second language) as well as classes on other topics such as music, art, history and geography. Many international schools also offer specialized courses such as economics or business management to prepare their students for success after graduation.

Many international schools in Singapore pride themselves on providing an environment where students can develop both academically and socially without feeling out of place or intimidated by their peers. The school culture is generally warm and welcoming with teachers who are committed to helping each student reach his or her full potential while fostering a sense of respect among all members of the school community regardless of background or nationality. This creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions without

Popular International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is known for its world-class education system, and is home to a host of well-regarded international schools. These schools offer students an opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations in a culturally diverse environment while also providing access to some of the best educational resources available globally. Here we take a look at some of the most popular international schools in Singapore.

Nexus International School Singapore (NISS) is one of Singapore’s leading international institutions, offering students an immersive learning experience centered around independent thinking and collaboration. With more than 600 students from over 40 countries across its two campuses, NISS offers an extensive range of courses from pre-primary level through to secondary school level, including A Level programs and IB Diploma Certification. NISS also provides state-of-the-art facilities such as modern science labs, basketball courts, swimming pools and libraries.

The Canadian International School (CIS) is another top choice for expat families looking for quality education abroad. Established in 1990 as the first Canadian school outside Canada, CIS offers a comprehensive curriculum ranging from kindergarten through grade 12 with both English language and French Immersion pathways available for primary school students. In addition to its core academic offerings, CIS also provides sports programs such as tennis.

Admission Requirements for International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia and is home to many international schools. With its diverse population, international schools provide an educational environment that promotes understanding and acceptance of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds. As such, the admission requirements for international schools in Singapore vary widely depending on the school.

For starters, foreign students interested in enrolling at an international school must first obtain a Student’s Pass from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). This document will enable the student to be able to study in Singapore for a period of up to two years. In addition to this requirement, students must also demonstrate proficiency in English or Mandarin (depending on which language is used at their chosen school) by taking an English Proficiency Test or Mandarin Proficiency Test respectively.

In terms of academic qualifications, each individual school has its own set of criteria when it comes to admission requirements. Generally speaking though, most schools require applicants to have achieved above-average grades from their previous studies as well as good results from any entrance exams they might have taken. Some schools may also consider other factors such as personal statements or letters of recommendation when making admissions decisions. 

Curriculum Options at International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is home to some of the best international schools in the world and offers a variety of curriculum options for students to choose from. From familiar British, American and Chinese systems to specialized programs like International Baccalaureate (IB) or International Primary Curriculum (IPC), there is something here for every student. 

The British system is well established in Singapore, with popular schools such as the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS), Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and Raffles Institution all offering UK GCSEs and A-Levels, as well as specialized courses such as Business Studies and Economics. The majority of these institutions also offer International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) qualifications, which allow students to gain an international qualification without having to leave Singapore. 

American curricula are also widely available in Singapore. Popular schools such as Tanglin Trust School, United World College South East Asia Dover Campus and Stamford American International School all offer US-based high school programmes culminating in either Advanced Placement or SAT exams. The American system allows students a greater level of flexibility when it comes to subject choice than many other curricula – allowing them the opportunity to follow their passions while still gaining an internationally recognised degree at graduation.

Cost of Attendance at an International School in Singapore

The cost of attendance at an international school in Singapore can be a major concern for parents considering their options. With the introduction of the Integrated Programme (IP) and Independent Schools (IS) in recent years, there is now a wide variety of schools to choose from. However, this also means that prices are variable and can range anywhere from affordable to exorbitant.

For those looking for international school education in Singapore on a budget, there are several options available. Firstly, some schools may offer scholarships or financial aid packages to qualified students which can help reduce tuition fees significantly. Other schools may also have programs specifically designed for lower income families that include reduced tuition rates or payment plans with flexible terms. 

At the higher end of the spectrum, there are several prestigious international schools that come with hefty price tags but promise top-notch education and first-class facilities as well as access to exclusive networks and resources within Singapore’s global community. These include The American School in Singapore (ASIJ), United World College (UWCSEA), Canadian International School (CIS) and German European School Singapore (GESS). Tuition fees at these schools typically start from about S$34,000 per year for primary education up to S$70,000 per school year.


In conclusion, Singapore International Schools offer an unparalleled educational experience for students looking to broaden their worldview and gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a globalized world. With its diverse student body, rigorous curriculum, and comprehensive extracurricular activities, these schools provide a unique opportunity for students to grow academically, socially, and culturally. Singapore International Schools offer an education of excellence that will prepare students for success in any career path they choose.

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