Happiness – A Poem

Photo : cavemaninasuit.com

Happiness. I perceived after an arduous time of life; With meeting my heartily connected friends after a century.

I realized that grief is not well-built;

These can be amazingly transformed with the feather effort of mindfulness.

I kissed the light of the Sun and its sparkling sentiment inside me;

Nature is the inevitable friend of mine in the journey of happiness.

I brunt my fingure with fiery red tomato soup; That soup was meant for good mood.

I tried to restrain my overwhelmed status of mind; but its free nature desired to travel.

I amazed by seeing that people are hungry for happiness in any form;

They found love in their life to the bright spiritual soul.

I demotivated by knowing the fact that happiness

is temporary;

Still, it can be accomplished every day

with the concept of ‘be in the moment’.



Author Bio : Srishti, a participant of Quaterly Creative Writing Competition (OCT_DEC,2018), organized by #Monomousumi




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