Everything You Need to Know About Spray Painting


People these days are trying their hands at different innovative things. The specification of job and work lines is getting gradually blurred day by day. From crafting to clay molding to make figures to paint- people are testing their limits of being creative. One such thing that is trending these days among people who have shifted to a new place is painting. Previously, when there is a need for painting, people always rushed to the paint corners to choose colors and shades from leaflets. Also, they had to contact the paint labors to do the job. But technology has made us advanced. Next in the picture came the profession of interior decoration. These are expert people who take the whole responsibility of decorating the interior. But, it costs a lot and is not affordable for everyone. Besides, in many cases, the kitchen is not included in the decoration. So, the alternative that turned up is DIY YouTube videos and trying their hands.

One of the easiest painting processes is Spray painting. One disadvantage that bucket color has is the strokes of paints. If a person is not accustomed to the right movement of the hand, they might end up messing the whole bucket of paint and wall up. There are painting rollers as well but they also need proper hand movements. The easiest solution is the Spray Painting.

In most of cases, a kitchen is a place where the painting cost seems useless but one cannot keep the kitchen cupboards naked as well. So, here comes the magic of kitchen cupboard spray painting. Usually, kitchen cupboard covers are made of a thick wooden board or more specifically the MDF (Medium Density Fibre-board). In the case of spray painting the kitchen cabinets, there are simple steps to follow.

  1. Thorough cleaning: First you need to clean the kitchen grease with warm water and detergents. Otherwise, the paint would not adhere. Keep on cleansing the cabinets with water and detergent a few numbers of times unless the stickiness is gone. Tape the frame and cover them with 1 mil plastic sheeting or brown masking paper.  
  2. Coating with Primer: To bring the scratched parts in a better position, rub the cabinets with sandpapers before using MDF Spray Painters. If there are gaps, fill it with fiber-fillers. Then put a fine coat of primer to make the cabinets look perfect. Another reason for coating primer is it holds the color very well.
  3. MDF Spray Painters: MDF Spray Painters is one of the easiest ways to paint the cupboards. After finishing putting primer, first put a first coat spray on the kitchen cabinets and let it dry for 4 hours. After 4 hours, repeat the same spray painting and leave it to dry for the whole day. And you will find the next day, your kitchen cupboards shining like the new ones.

It is nothing difficult to put your hand on painting even if it is you are a first-timer. Start with the Kitchen Cupboard Spray painting and you will not be disappointed at all. Also, when there are MDF spray painters, nothing can stop you from being a professional.           


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