“Writing is the painting of Voice.”

Writing is an exploration. It has played an essential role in turning the wheel of life from early human beings to intellectual persons. It is the way by which people began to expand their brains in the field of knowledge. Writing has played a significant role in drastically changing our society. It has also served as a means of communication between people and helps share their mind-sets in vast fields. It has a unique feature within itself that it can be easily known. Imagining a world without writing would be impossible. Writing is necessary for our lives to go ahead in this modern tech world. We can now easily communicate with each other and spread our knowledge in many ways. 

Discovery of Writing:-

Scholars agree that the writing was invented by the Sumerians of the Mesopotamian Civilization (present-day Iraq) almost 5,500 years ago. It all started with the drawing of figures and then to the alphabets that we now speak well. Early human beings used pictorial signs to express their sounds in Sumerians and other languages. They used stones to draw figures. Now, we have come across alphabets that are easier to communicate with each other. Writing has increased our vocabulary in various fields.

Effect of Writing:-

Writing began a new era. It has led to discoveries that are widely helpful in our daily lives. Written books of great authors sharpen our brains and make us more knowledgeable in that field. Writing has affected our daily lifestyle. We always come across writing even once in the whole day. It has changed this world into a knowledgeable palace. We are now living in a world of competitions in which writing has played an important role. It has made our life simpler and even more delightful. Writing has helped many persons to find the author within themselves. Worldwide many fans of it even spread its importance.

Impact of writing:-

Writing has an impactful effect on the world. It has made us reach higher positions. It has helped us to create this beautiful world with words. It has made us literate. Being able to convey what you mean quickly and efficiently will make all the difference to your ability to pursue a satisfying and successful career. Now, a person who is dumb can even express his/her feelings through writing. We never knew that this invention is the core soul of other discoveries. It has broadened our minds by helping us to discover new words in this world of tomorrow. Many people are renowned because of their creativeness in writing that has brought immense treasure personalities to remember the whole life.

The Pre Scenario:-

Earlier human beings did not know how to write. That led to the incapability of communication and expressing themselves. No one was bothering about the feeling of others as they were unable to understand each other. The spreading of knowledge was difficult. Earlier humans used tools to scribble on the walls using stones and represent various signs. But these signs were not clear that would make them understand their communication between them. The early human beings were unable to communicate with each other that led to misunderstandings between them. 

The Post Scenario:- 

Writing has made tremendous growth till this time. Now, we are living in a world of tomorrow that is rapidly changing from time to time. Writing has helped many scholars to spread their knowledge to us. Earlier people did not have the facilities that we have to right now. Because of writing in the books, we are now an able intellectual human being. Now we can write emails and letters to several people and express our feelings clearly. Communication is so easier by writing. There are numerous competitions held in the writing field. These competitions help a knowledgeable writer to get renowned over the world. 


Writing is a boon for us in this highly modern world that has changed this place into a beautiful place. It can inspire, motivate, change lives, change minds, etc. It has acted as a treasure to our thinking ability. It has boosted our knowledge to view this entire world from a different perspective. It has evoked within us a new generation of creativity. It’s you who can discover the creativity within you. The world is waiting to explore your creativeness in the writing field that will inspire other people too. Try harder to polish your writing skills. It will bring immense happiness to you and your mind and soul. So, what’s a great deal pick your pen up and start writing, and spread your creativity worldwide.


“You can make anything,

By writing.”

By Arpita Nayak, Telangana


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