Be prepared to surprise your friends in your first rave party

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Are you nervous about going to your first rave party? You may already have decided your partner for the party or maybe you are just going with your friends to enjoy the party. In both cases, you have to select attire for your first appearance. Even though the rave parties or EDM parties have been an attraction for the young people, still there is no proper guideline for the preparation you have to do before going to one. Here we will discuss the costumes for both boys and girls. You can take tips from this and prepare it yourself at home. It can be difficult at times but if you follow these tips it will be easy for you.

As you already know, these parties can last a full night. The place it is held can be small indoor space or big outdoor venues. Since this is a dance party you should wear a comfortable dress. To the comfortable clothes, you can add sunglasses with diffraction, neon shoes, and light-reflecting mask. Both girls and boys can wear this type of attire. However, the sunglasses suit girls and mask suits boys. The fashion of rave costume is changing rapidly. Previously boys and girls used to wear tank tops and full-length pants only. Nowadays both boys and girls wear shorts, tank tops, and sneakers. This is the most commonly used clothes because they are comfortable to wear. If you can, make the attire glowing with the help of EL wires.

At some parties, there may be artificial rain so be prepared for that too with raincoats. Now, let us discuss the rave party accessories that can spice up your costume and attract others. Pack a pair of party gloves when you do the preparation. The rave gloves have colored lights on the fingers which makes them cool. Another accessory that can be used by girls is a LED hoodie or light-up hoodie. The rave sunglasses will look trendy on both boys and girls. At the end come the shoes. You can either use a pair of shoes that has neon colors or can order for plasma LED shoes for your first party. Arc-reactor has come to the market now and this can make your normal looking shirt to a rave shirt. You can buy one and attach it using a Velcro.

Whenever you are invited to a rave party, make sure that you take a bag with you so that you can change your accessories as you wish. The best costume for girls is a light-reflecting top and shorts that has the same light-reflecting feature. The suitable costume for boys is a shirt with an eye catchy pattern and funky pants that glow in the night. After reading this you would be now clear about the ways to make your rave costume a hit among your friends. Party well!


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