All about Forestry and its Career Opportunities


Forestry is science, and art subject of managing, planting, nurturing and renewing of forest resources in the sustainable and ecological ways. In broader sense, it implies the conservation of a flora and fauna for continuous yield of good quality and quantity of forest products for enormous tangible and intangible benefits which address the benefits to people, and the environment. At the socioeconomic community level, forest contribute employment, recreation, income generation and livelihood. Environmental services, the forest provide are carbon sequestration, clean air we breathe, freshwater we drink, and fertility of soil stratification. Forestry covers the wide range of terrestrial ecosystem concern such as a wildlife management, biodiversity conservation, forest ecology, wetland management, Agroforestry practices, erosion and flood control.

It is important to know trait and strength require before taking the forestry program. Taking the account of education, the person who has basic course on science subject such as chemistry, geography, biology, mathematics can take the forestry course. Also, person with keen interest in birding, learning behavior of mammals, concern about the conservation and preservation of mother earth. On considering the fitness, he/she should be physically healthy and mentally alert and sound at all times. Although, person may learn modern survival skills but it is always better to know the tradition lifesaving skill before the bad circumstances occur such as following the route of river while lost the path, starting of fire, self-defense skills from wild animals, save living under the tree or cave for shelter, differentiating of eatable plants from poisonous. The person should also have self-determination, courage, patience, critical thinking, leadership quality, decision-making and problem solving skill under stress condition.

The forestry course is chosen by people including me with the mindset for sustainable managing and conservation of the forest.Therefore, protection of endangered wildlife species for the coming generation and many nations are with the common goal for sustainable management of the forest without falling the shape of environment ecological function apart. Through the course of forestry people can learn and advocate the awareness program to accentuate to minimize the illegal activities causing severe threat to biodiversity of a flora and fauna. It helps to create the excellent platform for eradication of poverty-stricken which provide the opportunity for the far-flung rural people to access to the forest through the scientific management. After pursuing the forestry program, the Jobs are abundantly and fruitfully available ranging from the private sector to the government organization. People employed in the forestry sector is allows to work in indoor of desk paperwork to outdoor of field work or mixture of both which give them the diverse environment to work and enrich their practical knowledge-wisdom to the social interaction, which is the prerequisite for the success in the career. Therefore, with the so many reasons and aim people chose the forestry program. In concise, for education, social development, conservation, and employment opportunities.

The world Forest cover nearly third of all lands on the earth which provide the home to large population of animals and diversity of plants. Forest contributes the enormous amount of oxygen generation and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It forms the backbone of the life on the earth to sustain with the balance forest ecosystem and rightly called the lungs of the earth. Forest also contributes the socioeconomic development of the country. But due to unlimited wants of human, we clear millions of hectares of forest every year exceeding the carrying capacity for agriculture purposes, road construction, timber plantation, mining, and industrial providing the severe treat of deforestation. We all know that nature is providing enough for very needs of mankind but the greed of human is more than the mother earth can support to us. Thus, it is paramount important to protect and conserve the forest before it is too late for us. Beyond the any shadow of doubt, there is the over exploitation taking place which requires the urgent solution for it. To combat the situation leading to negative consequences and to handover the beautiful natural forest to our future generation, the field of forestry offers a lot of opportunities in the career. Some job the forestry student can take after pursing the course in the field of forestry are Chief Forest Officers, Forest Range Officers, Wildlife forensics officers, Wildlife forensics officers, lecturers, forest rangers, Foresters, botanists, forest researchers, ecologists, Ethnologists, forest guides. Some reputed college that provide the forestry courses is College of natural resources in Bhutan, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, College of Horticulture and Forestry in India, College of Forestry, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, University of Tokyo in Japan, College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences in china.

Currently, I am pursing the Bachelor of Science (B. SC.) in forestry at the college of Natural Resources in Bhutan. Due course of time stay in college, I am gaining much experience on my professional with the help, supports of college management and lecturers of the college. I am very pleased to say that, I have participated one week each (block week) for botanization and forest survey during first semester, one week on applied silviculture during second semester, one week for forest mensuration during third semester plus one week on forest protection practical, and fifteen days for Local Forest Management planning during fourth semester. Till now these are the some of my experience I have acquired, and more to learn about my professional.

Last but not the least, forestry program encompasses large area of the study from the nurturing, managing, monitoring to the utilization of the forest. It has a lot of career opportunity which person could fulfill dreams and achieve their aims in life. Forest is backbone of national socio-economic development for better livelihood community. It provides the enormous benefits for the survival of the life on the mother earth. Besides, providing survival needs, it also acts as buffer during the natural calamities. The conservation and preservation of forest has become vital, so that our generation and future children could enjoy the ecosystem services and pictures the diversity of a flora and fauna.


Writer Name: Nima Yoezer,  22 years old ,Bhutan, Thimphu, Tashigang. A participant of  of International Essay Contest, October, 2019.


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