A Brief History of Facebook

By Pratibhas Chaudhury


The world is an enormous field of hidden truths. Some are associated with extreme philosophy of life and some are associated with Science and technology which is brought forth for human comfort. Now the matter is how the truth is revealed. So we can say the revelation of these hidden mysteries/truths is happening through the process of engineering of human thought, perspectives, and the brain. This is known as Invention.

This invention methodology and its result is the prime factor on which the society and Globe work upon. Many inventions teach and are still teaching human life a new version of life living. 

Now today’s highlight is a very popular invention which the people always want to go through, a very recent technology comes Social media, FACEBOOK So let’s go through its history and future.

What is Facebook?

Today what we say Facebook is Facebook.com. It is an American technology conglomerate. Mark Zuckerberg invented it along with his fellow Harvard Students. It is a very important social media site and also, a social networking service connecting today’s world is a complicated web.

History of its Invention:-

Zuckerberg built a website which was called ” Facesmash ” in 2003 when he attended Harvard University. When it was first launched, it got good support. It was sent to several campuses but banned by the Harvard administration. After a long journey, In January 2004, Zuckerberg launched a new website “TheFacebook” 

What does Facebook change in  Human Life?

It is always the purpose of a new launch that makes an impact on human life. Many changes are created by Facebook. It is sometimes bad, sometimes good. 

So the good sides are –

Firstly, Facebook shortens the world. It is the important element of Facebook that it has solidified itself as a tool for staying in touch with those you love.

Secondly, The nature of sharing is the most endearing thing that should be easily adopted through this platform. We can easily share our happiness, emotions with everyone.

Thirdly, As it is very usual that the human body becomes exhausted from the daily workflow, the man needs to feel connected, entertained, content with the world’s glory. What Facebook easily does

Fourthly, Facebook originates the feeling of being a global citizen through its various connections between two unknown persons unknown and early facts, Polity, Education,  Economy, etc. 

Except for other good sides, Facebook many times becomes a technological threat to the human culture – 

Firstly, Cyberbullying very easily thrives on Facebook. People easily can harass a person  than they could in a school environment

Secondly, A group notes Facebook as ‘Facebook Detox’. As people start stalking each other’s matter so purposefully, it becomes a worldwide distraction and even obsession.

Thirdly, It is a great addition to the youth especially, thus it becomes so harmful for the mental and health progression of early aged boys and girls.

Fourthly, It is good to share your private things but when it goes to that level of privacy which is unknowingly shared by you on your Facebook account, it can be so harmful to your personal life.

Life & Facebook: Before and After

Life is changeable. That’s how we didn’t know that some kind of a social gift ( along with side effects ) came to us and will fill our life with colors. We can make a distinct difference between past facebook life and post-Facebook life. 

There are three categories of people we can divide – 1. Youth  2. Working Class 3. Housewives

The life of youths was quite tough and boring before Facebook because they had to invest their time in finding their loves. They didn’t have that much purpose for entertainment youths must be grateful to Facebook that it soothes their love life a lot if their parents are not on their Facebook friends. But sometimes the friendliness of Facebook ruins their educational life. 

When we discuss the life of the working class, the main theme is how to pass leisure time. Before Facebook, the working people had different habits like going to parks, doing parties, playing indoor and outdoor games where they invested their happiness. But after Facebook, we see the office where people are placing their eyes on the screen of the phone and their hands are scrolling the Facebook page and giving lots of expressions. We can dialect it. Sometimes it is good but sometimes bad but it’s your perspective.

Now it is the housewives who most need the entertainment platform. Usually, it is T.V or magazines where they find their Funtime. But now Facebook takes place replacing these other things. Now there is no T.V centric issue in a house but sometimes they become so busy with Facebook which causes sometimes a small conflict between tween husband and wife.

Every invention works like a boon and a sin.The whole operation depends on those engineering hands which make it the globe the word make it an explosion that can destroy the human being. Facebook today is one of the best running social apps, which people wanted to go through but this going through became someone’s worry. So the people should be aware of its side effects because it is very delightful to grab all the entertainment but if this goes beyond the limit, it may harm a lot. 

By Pratibhas Chaudhury, Kolkata , West bengal


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