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Ever heard Coimbatore, the third largest city of the state of Tamil Nadu in India? Well, it is one of the most industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu, and is the textile capital of South India, better known as the Manchester of South India.

Have a look at some exciting places to visit there, that might make you crave for a trip to this beautiful city of Tamil Nadu!

1. The Adiyogi Shiva Temple

This place is a must to visit for the divine followers of lord Shiva. Entitled the largest bust sculpture in the world by the Guinness books of world records, this statue of lord shiva was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 24th of February, 2017. It beautifully portrays lord shiva and promotes the idea of yoga and will be a treat for lord Shiva’s followers.

2. Monkey Falls

These are beautiful waterfalls where you can find peace in the melodious sounds of the water, and can relax with nature. As the name suggests, you can find a lot of monkeys here too.  As the water dives down, you can see bubbles of white foams where the water merges with the pool, as clear as cellophane. And the sweet fragrance of the flower nectar all around you is sufficient to cheer up your spirits!

3. Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park

A place to rejuvenate yourself, a marvelous scene of nature where you will find hundreds of species of different plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. Here you can also get to see a bird-eye view of the available biodiversity. And a nursery is also present where you can buy a variety of plant saplings at an affordable cost. The park also aims to make you aware about the need to safeguard the environment. Another plus point of this place is a spacious and covered amphitheater where they will show you wildlife documentaries and films. This is the right place for you to connect with several of the creatures of nature, which will probably soothe your souls

4. Vaiehi Falls

The waterfall had been named after the movie Vaidehi Kathirunthal. A magnificent scenic attraction, you can enjoy an exciting road trip in this region (the entry inside is likely prohibited in order to protect the wildlife). The serene environment and the sight of these falls make this place worthy of a visit!

5. Kodiveri Dam

A very famous dam in Coimbatore, this dam is not only a major tourist attraction, but also a major supplier of water to the local farmers for irrigation. Kodiveri waters are not that heavy, so you can even reach the bottom of the falls and enjoy. Additionally, a park with several rides (coracle rides being the most enjoyed one), attractions and games for the tourists has been constructed at the bottom of the dam. So, you can have a fun-filled visit to this place.

6. Gedee Car Museum

Interested in visiting museums? here is a famous one in Coimbatore, well-known for exhibiting a wide collection of unique and internationally built cars. The museum gives you insights about the technology and the people involved in designing and engineering. Paying a visit to this shiny, bright and colorful display of such cars is definitely worth it!

7. Anubhavi Subramaniar Temple

A jewel in the forest, this temple too is another famous tourist spot. After climbing nearly 500 steps from the foot of the hills, you will get to see a spectacular view of the city, and to worship in the temple, of course. Interestingly, devotees here believe that the natural spring located at this temple has healing powers, due to which you will find the local people taking a dip in the spring and worshiping the lord. Have faith in spirituality? It is the right place for you- a divine, radiant and peaceful environment. The beautiful landscape and the natural aura are again sufficient to help you calm yourself.

8. Gass Forest Museum

Another famous museum, this one being a natural history museum with several realistic relics of wild and domestic animals, all stuffed and preserved, invites a lot of tourists to this place every year. Another interesting attraction of this museum is the 3D diorama depicting wildlife in its natural habitat. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, this place is the right one for you!

Apart from these places mentioned above, there are a lot of other exciting waterfalls and dams like the Kovai Kutralam falls, parks and gardens like the VOC Park & Zoo, divine and spiritual temples like the Marudhamalai hill temple, Sree Ayyappan Temple, Velliangiri Hill Temple, etc.

If you plan a trip to Coimbatore, make sure to explore the Manchester of South India to its fullest and visit these spots, as a memorable journey awaits you!

By Gargi


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