15 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign up Required

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There were movies, always and recently web series that have become the core defined part of entertainment in people’s life. Especially in 2020, the so-called ‘COVID Pandemic year’, the whole course and definition of entertainment have completely changed. According to the COVID protocol, social distancing is the most convenient way the prevention of the deadly disease. So, all the theatres have shut down and local places, public places have been under noticeable lockdown. But does that refrain us from this kind of entertainment? Especially when the office has come and made its place at home, the level of stress has also increased. To deal with it with ease and balance work and life, this entertainment has become the channeling route of spirit.

This lockdown has put these already existing movie streaming sites a golden opportunity to be explored and addressed. Besides, many sites provide similar quality and content of entertainment against a fair amount of cost. While, many other sites provide the same home-theatre experience in your home, completely free of cost. Here is a list of these 15 best free movie streaming sites that require no sign up at all.

1) PLEX- Plex has been a free entertainment streaming site that is one of the top sites to download movies, series, games, and documentaries. What will make a seeker astonished is its collection of varieties of genres- action, drama, animated, sci-fi, romance, horror, cult and cut classics, indies, comedy, and many more to explore there. The first question that brings in a shadow of a doubt to its content list is about the quality of entertainment. All the movies from the 1960s-2010s are of super HD quality while the older ones are available in the clear SD quality. This site is reachable from any of the available platforms and is a worldwide available free of a cost entertainment site. But, like every good thing comes with some bad- it contains advertisements during playbacks.

2) YOUTUBE- If there is one platform in the whole world that is the go-to solution for any problem; YouTube is second in the world, after Google. On YouTube, you will find anything- from classics to vintages, to live shows to documentaries to any movies, cartoons, or web series. YouTube is one of the only platforms that contain everything uploaded from the company in HD quality. Coming to the breach in entertainment, it is there- before and during the playbacks. YouTube is accessible from iOS, Smart Phone, Playstation 4, Apple TV, Xbox 1- from any browser and also through direct apps. You can download entertainment programs from here through YouTube downloader apps; this app is free everywhere but has region-based versions.

3) INTERNET ARCHIVE- Internet archive is the first-ever platform of free movie streaming site that is and was available free of cost worldwide till its extinction in 2010. Here one can find genres of feature films, silent movies, horror, action, sci-fi, comedy, documentaries, animated, film noirs, and more. The good point is this platform has no break in entertainment; means no advertisement. But, as it is the oldest platform, it is technologically backward; all the files are available in the SD format. Internet archive is accessible from Web, Android, and iOS. Here you can watch, download and enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment if quantity is your choice over quality.

4) MOVIES FOUND ONLINE- This site has been providing entertainment to people non-stop for the last century. Action, adventure, romance, horror, biographies, documentaries, and thrillers- every single vintage file is available in this platform of cost free-no sign up entertainment. The newer files here are available in HD quality while the older ones are available in SD format. Any web browser can find this platform at ease. The only wrong point- it is not ad-free.

5) FREE MOVIES CINEMA- One of the longest-running websites is this free movies cinema which is in the run from the 1920s till date. First, one can find anything here- from comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, action, short films, feature films, adventures, and many more. One does not need to bother about the movie quality as it is HD in most of cases. Some of the movies here are available with subtitles as well as the original screenplay language- like the western musicals. Like the previous one, this platform is accessible through any of the web browsers.

6) DOCUMENTARY HEAVEN- These days, digital files have become equally important documents that are contributing massively to the research work and development. For someone who is in search of vintage and royal documentaries, this site is perfect to dig into. The best part is it is a cost-free accessible site. This very recent platform (from the 2000s) provides 98% of the files in HD format.  It contains a few advertisements but one can bear this little against something valuable. One can get access to this site through any of the working web browsers.

7) TOP DOCUMENTARY FILMS- It is another no sign up free access platform for documentary lovers. All of its features are as same as the above one. Documentaries are available with advertisements; every file is in HD format. Get access to this site most easily- through any of the browsers. This site is available in every country worldwide and is again free of cost.

8) CLASSIC CINEMA ONLINE-If you are an old dog type of movie freak who can cherish forever watching and re-watching the classic films dated from the 60s-70s; this is the perfect destination for you. There are genres along with sub-genres where you can get the exact movie you are looking for. Classic Cinema online mainly scrapes movies in good quality from other streaming sites and provide direct links to them for access. So, when you come to this site, you will find it a little different as it does not host content on its servers; only provide a suitable link.

9) MOVIES123- Torrent has been one of the most renowned worldwide free movie downloading sites till 2017. After the anti-piracy policy came into view, Torrent has been restricted to several parts of the world as it’s proxy domains/VPNs are being cloned and banned. India has also faced this big strife in the entertainment world. Right exactly the time came this Movies123 as a savior of the whole collapse. Since then, this free movie streaming site has become a favorite for those who wish to enjoy good quality movies but are not ready to shade a single pound/buck for it.

10) FMOVIES- FMovies is another successful contemporary live movie streaming site that gives you the ultimate smoothest form of entertainment. The feature that gives this site the best shot is- here you can find movies dubbed in multiple languages. SO, you can choose your language and the type of movie names to get the exact fine quality file in your chosen language. This site again comes free of cost; but comes with another annoying thing- pop-ups. While streaming movies online, you might face a lot of pop-ups- some heinous and others okay. The best way is to cross them out and continue watching movies.

11) M4U FREE- There are multiple sites available in the online platform where it is advertised that they provide you free watching hours but are trapped. The site that you can blindly trust is this M4U free movies site. From short movies to documentaries to animations to biographies- you will get everything here in the best quality possible. Also, the cherry on the top is- all contents here are streamed without advertisements and pop-ups. The differentiation of the categories makes it easier for the first-timers to have full access to the site.

12) YES MOVIES- When you are introduced to the world of entertainment with no liability but full access; no payment but full entertainment, what else can keep you gloomy! And finding for a perfect/ideal get through to this enchanted world of entertainment; ‘Yes Movies’ will take you to the heaven of entertainment. Here is an advantage of this site- here the entertainment files are available in the most detailed format. It is not just the names that are available here, release dates, keywords, IMDb ratings; actor and actress names are also mentioned in the file which makes it easier for someone to search for the movies of their choice.

13) PUTLOCKER- Another entertainment media house to mention with other ones is Putlocker. Having the same features as the above live streaming free movie sites, there is nothing extra to add except one good point. Apart from all the other features, downloading content from Putlocker makes it easier as it provides a very high speed. Another to add, you will find every single newly-released content here, exclusively and first hand. Yes, the quality for the time being matters, but this much one can compromise against such a premiere experience.

14) TUBI TV- This site has a long history. Tubi TV was not a free movie streaming site before. One had to sign up to have access to this site. But since 2014, the free movie lovers have got another reason to cheer for as this site started providing entertainment service for free. There are more than 15k movies and TV shows are available on this site- all available just in a click. And talking about the genres, it has everything that an entertainer’s platter can be filled with. And the best part is some categories have subcategories as well- like romance again is categorized into teenage romance, college romance, and old age classics.

15) STREAMONHD- Another not very well known platform but is well is this StreamonHD movie streaming site. One does not need to make a registration for having access to this site yet can enjoy tons of entertainment opportunities. One can find movies and content according to their choice. It has a very swift navigation page as well to help out any seeker. Movies and other contents have subtitles as well which is always a plus point.

Even after having so much information provided on these pages, it does not change the fact that all these downloading of contents and online streaming are somehow illegal. These activities are not supported by any of the legal aids. So, a result of that is all these sites face several common FAQs by the keen users. Some are informational; some others are regarding the concern of liabilities regarding this illegal access. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by the users.       

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As there is the law; so is their loophole. These free online movie streaming sites are the bridge between these laws and their breaches. However, even though this service is considered illegal and is not advisable to you, more than 95% of the users use these resources for free entertainment. And they are happy and not complaining as well. Above are the best free movie streaming sites that will cost no penny for your full-on entertainment. If you do not try it, you will miss it.


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