Why Does A Girl Doesn’t Have The Right To Decide Rest Of Her Life !!!

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From the beginning of her life a girl is not asked 1) what should be her name, 2) in which school she should have education. I agree to the first point because an infant couldn’t be asked what should be her name but here starts the discrimination of gender i.e., a boy should study in a convent, and a girl in a Municipal school. After the schooling the parents need to decide whether a girl should have education further or not. In case if they decide to Educate her ,she should follow the rules and regulations ordered by her parents. when comes to the graduation again the elders decide what she should do. After completion of graduation here comes the big issue Marriage, as well said “ Marriages are made in Heaven.” Guys before satisfying the saying we should come across the trauma the girl suffers.

The first and foremost point is that :

  1. A girl is not asked whether she is ready for marriage or not, In case if the parents ask her suggestion and if she says no! there rises a question what is the reason for a “NO!!!”
  2. Second most: The girl is not a decision maker of her partner. Parents look at the photograph and they pick up Bridegroom. They do not ask what is her opinion regarding the guy.
  3. Third most: The time for a Family meet, its Matchmaking time. Here the guy and girl are not allowed to talk to each other because it is not our tradition.

Here is the typical situation where a girl questions herself:

Why shouldn’t I choose my partner?

Why shouldn’t I talk with a guy to get to know each other?

How could we make perfect couple without knowing each other?

How can I decide whether he is the right person to live rest of my life?

Several other questions arise…

Still a Girl is not a decision maker.

So, Dear elders,

Please do think of your daughters/sisters……….


Author Bio: Abdul Neelam Begum


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