We gon be all fine

By: Richard Baby Vadakkan

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We gon be alright

Switching from the old days

Looking at the mirror seeing

Different version of me

We gon be all fine

I see you looking at me

But you’re blind to see

Cause there ain’t me

And everything that’s left to see

Is ashes in a plain field

We gon be all right(2)

Once I get on the top

There ain’t no going back

This is the last time

You’ll ever see me in talk

There ain’t no disses left

Off of me now you get

Stop preaching teaching now

All of its evident

This poem emphasizes on change, an inevitable part of life. As seen in the first stanza, when the narrator looks in the mirror, he sees a different person. This is a normal part of life. Everybody changes eventually.

In the second stanza, the narrator says that people fail to realize him as he’s changed. But this is the new version of the narrator and people are looking for the lost ashes in a plain field.

In the third stanza, the narrator realises that he has changed for the better and is capable of higher motives. Nothing can stand in his way now. This is the last time he will be talking and the rest will be explained through action.

By: Richard Baby Vadakkan

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