Train and Re-Train Your Mind

Train Your Mind, trained your mind

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We start training our mind even when we are in our mother’s womb.  Our brain mostly gets influenced by what we see and  hear on a regular basis and mind becomes habitual which reflects in our action and our behaviour.

So,  while we are in our mothers womb,  our mind works exactly the way mother thinks. Once we are out in this world,  though we are incommunicado we are still able to communicate and get things done with our subconscious mind which pushes us to move things in our favour. So our mind is being trained even when we are infants.As we start growing as teenagers we start training our mind with the help of our parents,  relatives, neighbours,  friends, teachers, books from how we get along,  interact, move,  communicate with them on a regular basis and also watch them do things in front of our eyes.  Because action speaks louder than words at times and they remain etched in our memory.

We then grow as an adult,  we tend to behave mostly by the influence of our friends, the books we read, the movies we watch,  habits we inculcate and those role models we start looking up to.  Here is the catch,  that’s why it’s said,  choose your friends circle and habits wisely because what you do or how you act when you just hit the adulthood till you grow as a matured man or a woman, will eventually decide how you will become because you have trained your mind that way for so many years and you have become habitual on so many areas of your life.  Be it your attitude, knowledge, habits, life style, temper, the way you respond to a situation or people,  career, vices so on and so forth. And this will play a huge role in shaping your future.  It could be a big positive impact or completely the opposite in a negative way.

Because 99% of our behaviour is determined by our habits.

If it has created a negative impact,  you need to then start RETRAINING your mind. And this is where the challenge is and most people succumb to pressure and situation in life and they hit the panic button and give up.

Retraining your mind with positivity is like incubating with good care to start thinking good, saying good and doing good which will take anywhere between 21 -250 days depends on how bad the impact was and also how one reacts to retraining process.  Faster you focus all your energy on positive thoughts,  you attract good things coming your way.  Don’t forget your future depends on how you think and act now because your thoughts and feelings should find a sync to start receiving Universal blessings.

All vices will ruin and destroy you if don’t wake up soon to realize that.

So,  it is very imperative that we stay positive all the time,  keep looking for those positive signals you get from the Universe,  connect yourself deeply with your inner voice to find your value to create the valuables externally as you start working towards your future.

Author Bio: Praveen Chandra, an MBA -Finance professional currently holding a CEO position at an Infrastructure company based out of Bangalore.  Passionate about two things in life first Sports especially Cricket and then Writing.

Purpose of my life is to Motivate, Inspire and Impact people around me and continue to touch lives and empower people to live their dream life.



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