Patient successfully undergoes Fistula surgery at Pristyn care, Delhi


Fistula is an abnormal tunnel that occurs between two organs. There are different types of fistulas, and the anal fistula is one of the majorly diagnosed fistulas in both men and women. Every fistula may or may not show symptoms, and if symptoms are seen, then you should undergo a surgical procedure to treat the fistula.

Consultations at Pristyn care, Delhi:

So, if you are suffering from the fistula in Delhi, then you can visit Pristyn care which is one of the best and well-known multi-specialty Clinic Chains in India. It has more than 70 clinics in India across 22+ cities.

Fistula specialists and surgeons at Pristyn care , Delhi use the latest and advanced laser techniques to treat your fistula. You can contact them online or offline to get the best possible treatment options for fistula. If the online consultation is not convenient for you, then you can book an appointment for offline consultation at Pristyn care, to avoid the waiting period at the clinic.

After booking the consultation at your convenient time, fistula specialists of Pristyn care , Delhi will examine your past medical and medication history. Your doctor will diagnose the fistula by examining the area around the anus. The doctor will look for the fistula on the skin and then try to determine how deep the track is and the direction in which it is going.

In many cases, you can notice the drainage from the openings. But, in a few cases, fistulas may not be visible on the skin’s surface. So, your doctor may perform tests like anoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and sometimes examination of anus under anesthesia is also required.

After a detailed consultation, depending on the severity of your fistula, the doctor may suggest either laser fistula surgery or medication therapy treat the fistulas.

Pre-surgery care at Pristyn care, Delhi

Fistula specialists at Pristyn care provide the pre-surgical diet to you before 3 days of the surgery. Before surgery, vital signs like a heartbeat, pulse rate, and oxygen levels will be monitored. To rule out whether you are allergic to anesthesia or not, an allergic test will be performed.

Pristyn care will provide a ‘care buddy’ for you who helps you in your commute from home to hospital and back to home after the surgery. He also helps you in claiming the insurance and provides all the help you need until you get discharged from the hospital. Pristyn care, Delhi accepts most of the insurances that cover fistula surgeries and helps for a smooth claim clearance.

Fistula surgery at Pristyn care, Delhi:

If the infection caused by the fistula doesn’t respond to medications, then the doctor may suggest laser fistula surgery.

Laser fistula surgery: Fistula laser surgery involves closing the fistula with a laser fiber. Once the laser fiber reaches the location of the fistula, it is activated to cause the tissue around it to shrink. The laser is slowly drawn back through the fistula at an approximate rate of 1 cm every three seconds, sealing the channel behind it. The internal opening is then closed with a suture.

This surgery has several benefits over open fistula surgery such as:

  • Fewer complications than open surgery
  • High success rate
  • A decrease in the chance of infection
  • No scars formation
  • Quick recovery
  • Less pain after the surgery
  • Accurately treats the fistula
  • No contact with mechanical instruments
  • Can seal even small blood vessels


To date, several patients had undergone Laser Fistula Surgery at Pristyn care, Delhi.

Chand Ram, a patient who underwent laser surgery for fistula treatment at Pristyn care says “I was suffering from fistula for the last 3-4 months and have tried all the home remedies, but no result. Then, I started searching online and came across Pristyn care where they briefed me about the treatment. Then I decided to go for the surgery and everything went the same as they explained. The surgery was a minor-laser surgery called advanced laser surgery which involves no cuts, no bleeding, and no pain. I was so afraid before going for the surgery and have seen a lot of videos about the surgery on youtube from other hospitals and doctors. But, thanks to Pristyn care as they made me very comfortable and everything went smoothly. Pristyn care has guided me very well throughout the surgery process which took about 10 minutes to complete. Special thanks to Pristyn care. I’m 100% safe and healthy now.”

Another patient, Mandeep Sharma shares, “Free Pick-up and Drop, Unlimited free doctor consultations, laser surgeries, quick relief, dedicated coordinators for me. Could not have asked for more.” Mandeep had a smooth laser surgical experience at Pristyn care for his fistula problem and is doing quite well now.


At Pristyn care, the latest technological medical devices are being used to perform advanced painless surgery. You get a free post-surgical consultation along with a free diet consultation after undergoing a fistula surgery at Pristyn care, Delhi. Laser & other fistula surgeries at Pristyn care, Delhi helps you to recover quickly.

Do not delay the consultation, as fistula may get worsen from day to day, and if left untouched it can cause dangerous complications like anal cancer and even death.


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