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Pitter patter of the rain drops on your foggy window, clogged roads, silken green canopies of trees, multi colored Paris hole and monsoon outing with a calming “Chai” and a hot plate of “Kanda Bhaji” is indeed complimentary to the cloudy weather, reliving drizzle, gentle breeze that embraces your face is what makes monsoon an all time favorite season of the romantics. In addition monsoons are an integral part of the farmers in India as they pray for the well being of their crops and special delicacies to take an advantage of. They welcome monsoon with eagerness, admiration and deep adoration. A monsoon in India diminishes nature from an unproductive land turning it into a picturesque landscape. Mountains awake from a deep sleep, rivers flow as if on a swing and the rains decorate the surroundings around, with beautiful flowers, lush green trees and sparkling water bodies! After tolerating the scorching heat for months on end, the monsoon feels like an old childhood friend coming back to meet you.

It was a usual Sunday afternoon where all of my friends were hanging out at my place, discussing a possibility of an outing. After hours of brainstorming, we all agreed to visit Thokarwadi Waterfall near Maval. The next day our journey began at 7am in the morning. According to the omniscient Google maps, it was a 80km ride one way. We started from Pune by car. Monsoons are not always about water clogs, traffic jams and heavy rains. It is about admiring Mother Nature’s beautiful finery of lush green forests, glittering showers, flowing springs and frondescence around. Our journey was accompanied by pleasing songs. Roads were dampened and there was scenic beauty around. Approximately at 10 am we reached our desired destination and parked our car at a nearby house parking lot. Then we headed towards the cascade that belonged to a family living in the village. We did not pay any extra charges to visit the cascade. The path that led us to the glittering outpour was very scenic. It was covered with dense forests and an outstanding place to explore with family and friends.  Through the muddy and water clogged paths, helping each other on the slippery roads finally we reached the giant cascade. That was an “OMG” moment for me personally. The water was crystal clear and a small pond formed in the cascade just worked as a bombshell. Our cascade just seemed like a milky fall from a big stone. In addition mountains have always caught my extra attention as I feel spiritually connected to myself when in their presence. Nature is an integral part of us as we all are also made up from the same elements, energy that made up this planet. Wellness is an essential tool to align ourselves and inherit wisdom within us. Spending time in the uncrowded place thus dramatically reduced my stress, evoking positive emotions within. As the water around gushed through the pebbles the same way the bloodstream within my body did. We enjoying the private outpour were gracious enough to benefit from the moments experienced alone in a group. Wildlife of flora and fauna was a treat to the eyes because of its unique design and colors. The most significant mania that I liked about the place was that it made me calm, and felt rejuvenated within. My soul was smoothened with the enthralling rhythm of the wind, clangor of the water and dancing trees. Compared to the other places this was not at all jam-packed. Just our group being there made it more exclusive. There was no chaos and we enjoyed it to our fullest. After having amusing fun in the gushing waters of the cascade we returned to the cottage in the village. After freshening up, we had our mouth watering and tempting hot lunch. The lunch included moth beans with twisted favors of crispy green chilly and garam masala. Pithla-bhakri, a peasants staple food owing to its simplicity and easy cooking method, gave it a nutritious and healthy delicacy to be enjoyed with the rains. Thus we started off our way back home.

This trip was a memorable one for me as it was my first time to go alone on a road trip with my friends. The place too contributed to my utter satisfaction as the expenses were quite reasonable as well as our location was quiet near within reach on the outskirts of the city. So I conclude by saying that the monsoon season leaves no traces of the barren lands and fills up nature with beautiful colors. Also, if you want to breathe in into a new start do consider visiting the magnificent cascade within your reach!

Writer: Mrunal Jagdale, Pune


  1. Beautifully written by you Mrunal..your explanation of nature is just mesmerized me…keep it up..lots of love


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