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The best tourist spot in Delhi or near me is Akshardham . As it’s name show its significance Akshardham means a house that can’t be destroyed as Akshar means indestructible and Dham means home. Akshardham was a place  first build at Gujrat and after at Delhi. It’s construction was started at 2000 and completed a 2005.

It was inaugurated on 6th November,2005 .It was inaugurated by Respectful MR Pramukh Swami Maharaj .it is a complex had a mixture of a large temple or One of the largest temple in’s entry is free and you just have to buy tickets if you want to see for shows. It had a high security and you have to submit your phone at the counter so that you can enjoy its beauty and you don’t need to get disturbed by receiving  calls all the time. You also can’t wear shoes or any type to footwear in the premises of Akshardham .It is a very disciplined place you are not allowed to shout in the premises .

The Temple had  very beautiful stautes of Swaminarayan, Lakshmi Narayan , Radha, Krishna, Ram and sita . The Akshardham temple  is dedicated to Swaminarayan and his life in which he wentout from home at very young age to become a saint and become one of the most popular and knowledgeable saint of that time his lessons were to follow to be manifestation of god . The positivite of the temple makes the mind positive and some people near Akshardham mandir has a habit to pray daily in the temple

Premises in open in the centre and had lies made of poles to different places such as a Movie theater, boat show and mesum . Movie theater had a small variety of movie based to Swami Narayan’s life and had great cinematography of his life played by a very fine actor . The narrator’s voice in the movie gives it a different level of cinematography.the boat show is show that you can see in boats it shows from the beginning of the planet Earth to post vedic period . it shows seen of different famous personalities such as great mathematician Aryabhatta ( THE founder of zero) and veda ( doctors called in vedic period ) doing surgery that time without machines and using natural chemicals not harmful chemicals that are used today. The boat is automatic there is no Helsman and its electric you cannot enter you hand in the bot becomes there is electric waves in water. canteen is also very clean and had a variety of food to eat and all the food itema are fresh . At night there is a laser show near the pond. The laser shown is the thing you should not miss it is also a story based on an incident in Swami Narayan’s life. As you can’t take phone inside it has also a photographer who you have to pay for printed  photo with frame and without frame . It has also a store to buy books and photos’s of  Swami Narayan. You can also donate to charity renowned by BAPS Swami Narayan Sacred Sansthan  and your contribution will be used for imparting education, environmental relief etc.

AS per my experience Akshardham is a place you must visit every year and My favorite part of Akshardham temple is the movie as it impact our daily life with its lesson and the boat show which tells the life style of people lived in post vedic period  and t development of their life

Author: Krish Jain


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