IVF- Bringing Hope To Life

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Since long it’s been heard that due to problem in getting pregnant, the public/families just point out female. But why?? Just because in past history of life the science technology was not so advanced and people were not aware of having artificial baby process so called IVF- In vitro fertilization. This IVF was invented on 1978. All experts, scientists and doctors have made their great contribution in this new global technology and spreading  knowledge about the cause and treatment of this infertile problems. So, let’s come to discussion. What is it actually?


IVF is an ART that is assisted reproductive technology. This indicate a unique medical treatment which use to help infertile couple to have their baby. This only can be done if other process like IUI,ICSI failed. Around 34% to 42% have the chances of getting successful pregnant with IVF. Normally, fertilization of an egg of woman and a sperm of a man use to fertilize inside the body of woman. But, here the fertilization process is under room temperature in laboratory dish artificially that mean fertilization is done outside the body.

That’s why it’s called as In vivo fertilization.


To have a success full IVF their are few stages a women have to go through to become pregnant.

  • SUPER OVULATION- Here,fertility drug are given to woman which help for egg production. In normal situation,only one egg released per month but in fertility drug are given which help the ovaries to produce more no. of eggs. And woman will have to do regular ultrasound to check the ovaries and blood test for examination of hormone level.
  • EGG RETRIEVAL- The egg is remove from the body with a surgery called curricular aspiration. And a medicine is given to the patient so that they cannot feel the pain while surgery is done. A thin needle is inserted through vagina into an ovaries and follicle contain eggs. Then the needle is attached to the suction device and pull out the eggs and some fluid out with it. But sometime in rare cases a pelvic laproscopy is done to remove egg. And if no egg found or if no eggs are produced by ovaries then we need to take help of donor egg.
  • INSEMINATION & FERTILIZATION- Here the best and good egg is choose and sperm is placed with it together and mixed with each other which is called insemination. Then it is stored in an room temperature. Then within few hours it fertilizes. If experts or doctors find a low sperm count or low chance of fertilization then they go for ICSI where sperm is directly inserted into an egg.
  • EMBRYO CULTURE- Then after fertilization ,those fertilized egg divides which later become embryo. And within 5 to 7 days embryo divide into several cells actively. If couple have risk of any hereditary disorder problem then PGD is consider to be done to a child. This PGD is a ore implantation genetic disorder which is done after 3 to 5 days of fertilization. The PGD help to decide which embryo to be implant and save a child from having a disorder.
  • EMBRYO TRANSFER- This is the last step. After, 3 to 6 days of fertilization embryo is placed into a womb of a woman. A thin tube so called catheter which contain embryo inserted into a womb of a woman via cervix. Then pregnancy give positive result and successful IVF if it implants and grow in the womb.


IVF is choose by an infertile couple which help woman to have their baby. Thus, this IVF give success pregnancy pregnancy artificially. This IVF is performed with infertile couple include:

-Advance maternal age.

-Blocked Fallopian tube.

-Prior reproductive surgery.

-Low sperm count and blockage.


-Smoke, Alcohol & Drug users.


The IVF success rate percentage results in favourable consequence. This success rate depends on many factors which include age, cause of infertility, embryo situation, history of productive,lifestyle status.

ART growing day to day successively. India have highest ART centres and IVF cycles is growing very rapidly.

It’s very remarkable that two couple struggling to have a child in an artificial method,implant of an embryo in mother womb and have a baby.

Statistically I presented graph below indicating success rate of ivf.

 Infertility have become very common these days. According to researcher’s there has a rise of 20 to 30% in previous five years.

  • Female infertility is very easy to undferstand than male infertility.
  • Stress is a great factor which effect in getting pregnant.
  • Healthy lifestyle is necessary for fertility.

The India IVF Services Market value $256.0 million,2016, and is estimated to reach value $829.5 million,2023.


<35  71.4%
35-37 45.8%
38-40 25.8%
41-42 29.4%
>42 4.2%


Everything has good and bad that mean advancement with disadvantage as well. In IVF also their are good and bad as well.

IVF actually need more energy, plenty money, too much expensive,more time taking and need lots of patience.

Many couple also deals with sires, tension, depression.

Woman taking fertility medicine suffer from pain in abdomen, moos swing, headache, and other side effect.

In many cases women take fertility drugs which later on in some cases cause a side effect line Hyper stimulation syndrome. And there are some symptom which include nausea, headache, rapid weight increase, breath shortness, abdominal pain.

Medical studies studies have shown the risk in egg retrieval which include bleeding, damage near the area of ovaries.

Sometime there is a chance of getting more than one child while inserting more than one embryo which can takes place into ore mature deliver of a baby.

At last I would like to say if there is any query can kindly contact nearby if details.And all infertile couple couple don’t be late and go through this IVF process and Welcome a baby as soon as possible.

Awareness about this IVF can be spread by some government organization by doing campaign, so that this infertility problem will be solved.



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