Is Wholesaleshapeshe Legit and Safe to Shop With?

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Our Guide to the Wholesale Shapewear Shop

Wholesaleshapeshe – The Brand Explained

Wholesaleshapeshe is a hugely successful wholesale shapewear and activewear supplier. The company is committed to providing exceptional stock to shapewear and activewear businesses.

Founded in 2017, Wholesaleshapeshe offers wholesale body shapers, waist trainers, activewear, and fajas.

The products are designed for anyone who wishes to slim down and sculpt their body into their dream shape.

Better than dieting or any kind of surgery, as it trains the shape of your body, and isn’t anything irreversible like plastic surgery or liposuction.


Their product inventory is regularly updated each day, so you can be sure that all items on the website are in stock, and ready to be shipped out to you. If a product is temporarily out of stock due to high orders, Wholesaleshapeshe will quickly restock it, so you don’t have to wait long for it to be available again.

High-Quality Wholesale Bodyshapers

The Wholesaleshapeshe research team dedicates countless hours to designing safe, effective pieces for their customers to enjoy. Their products are always being updated to be more comfortable and effective. Currently, the brand has over 50 different design patterns.

For example, they offer body shapers designed for women who have just undergone liposuction surgery. The shaper is padded at the abdomen so that it can strengthen the area.

Also, Wholesaleshapeshe has designed shapewear for men as well as women. It’s difficult to find shapewear options for men, so it’s great that the brand is so inclusive.


Is Wholesaleshapeshe a Scam?

No, Wholesaleshapeshe is a trustworthy, reliable site that you can stock your shop with.

In fact, the brand is currently the leading global wholesale shapewear supplier. You can be confident that investing in this shapewear supplier will be worth your time.

The numbers don’t lie, and Wholesaleshapeshe’s annual output value is currently listed as $5-$10 million dollars. This demonstrates how serious and successful this wholesale body shaper supplier is. 

Custom Logo Printing for Your Business  

As part of their services, Wholesaleshapeshe will print custom logos onto the shapewear for your business. Simply send over your company logo, and Wholesaleshapeshe’s team of professional printers will add it to your chosen shapewear. 

It will take the Logo Printing team just one week to expertly print your business’ logo onto the garments. By the end of the process, you will receive wholesale waist trainers with logo!


Also, you don’t have to purchase a big order to do this, as the Logo Printing service is available for all orders, even if it contains just one item.

The brand also offers customisable sew labels and hand tags for your order. You can contact Wholesaleshapeshe directly through Whatsapp with your logo/label design and details, and the team will create a mock-up. This allows your company to see the design, before spending money on the order.

Stocking Your Shapewear Business with Wholesaleshapeshe

The brand is designed to cater to small or medium-sized shapewear businesses. They have countless longstanding relationships with businesses that rely on Wholesaleshapeshe to stock their shop.

Unlike other wholesalers, there is no minimum order quantity required, as all the items are already at a wholesale price. This means you can buy as many pieces as you desire, without being pressured into buying a certain quantity.

In addition, Wholesaleshapeshe offers smaller sample orders, so you can see and try out the products before investing in a larger order. This makes the brand stand out from others, as other shapewear wholesalers do not offer samples.

Wholesaleshapeshe Payment Methods

The website accepts payment from Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, or Bank transfers. You can use any of the listed payment methods to securely pay for your shapewear.

For larger orders, Wholesalshapeshe will accept a 30%-50% upfront payment, while the rest can be paid before the order ships out for delivery. 

Dropshipping with Wholesaleshapeshe

Dropshipping is a different shipping process whereby the wholesale shapewear items can be shipped directly to your customer, instead of to your business for you to ship out to the customer. 

In the dropshipping parcel, there will not be any mention of Wholesaleshapeshe or any of your information in the package, to keep things discreet. 

Wholesaleshapeshe can also add in a customer order sheet and thank you card if your business would prefer this.

Dropshipping saves lots of time and money, which is why many shapewear businesses have opted for this service.

Wholesaleshapeshe Delivery Policy 

The items are manufactured in Fujian, China, where they are tested and quality-checked to a high standard before being shipped out.

One of the best things about the brand is its super-fast order processing. Once the order has been placed and paid for, Wholesaleshapeshe will process the order within 48 hours. Specific delivery times will vary depending on your location, and whether you require logo printing or not. 

Do Wholesaleshapeshe Offer any Discounts?

Bulk orders will get a shop discount, as a thank you for stocking your business with Wholesaleshapeshe.

The store also regularly has coupons for certain occasions such as Black Friday or Thanksgiving.

What is Wholesaleshapeshe’s Return Policy?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your wholesale shapewear or activewear items, then you can notify the wholesaler within 3 days of receiving your order. You should send a picture of the item to the company email, where it will be reviewed by our Technical Director. 

If our Technical Director confirms that the item is faulty, then you can return your order for a full refund or exchange. The buyer is responsible for covering the shipping costs.

However, returns are rare, as all the products go through quality testing to ensure they are perfect before being shipped out.

Is Wholesaleshapeshe Safe to Shop With?  – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Wholesaleshapeshe is a trustworthy wholesale body shaper brand that offers bulk shapewear orders and customizable logo and label making. 

They are stockists for many small shapewear businesses as they use the latest research to deliver gorgeous pieces and fast sculpting results for their clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today!

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