How to Write a Cover Page for an Essay

By: Sahana.S

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Also commonly referred to as the title page, the cover page is the first page of any essay. It is meant to convey information about the author’s identity, the title of the essay, the institution the author represents (name of school), date of publication, and sometimes a running head.

As mentioned earlier, the type of cover page is determined by the style of writing. It is important to avoid mix-matching cover page styles as some professors can penalize for this. When you choose one cover page style, the format will determine how you write your paper from beginning to end. All cover pages should have, and not limited to, the title, author’s name, course name, and the date the paper was written.Learning how to format your cover page is the best way to get into the habit of following formatting rules when writing academic essays.

A cover page design should be simple and very straightforward. This means that you need to use the same font, and avoid using colors or shadings that make the cover page seem flashy. Writing formatted papers comes with specific instructions for writing the cover page. It needs to consist of text only with no images or pictures. These are the standard rules of writing cover pages regardless of the style.

The title page is the cover of your essay. A well-written title page will make the reader more interested in going through your essay. When not formatted to follow the rules, the professor may lose interest in reading your essay, which affects your grade.

Always ask when in doubt. If you are unsure whether to include a cover page, it is always best to have one. You can also ask your professor whether the page is required. Lecturers cannot reprimand you for going the extra mile to include a page, but they can penalize you for missing a cover page when it was needed.

Do not include formatting outside the recommended formats for the different writing styles. The cover page should not be used to make your paper look attractive. It is meant to serve the purpose of informing the reader about the writer’s basic information. It should be formal and professional.

Remember the font, margin, and spacing basics. The format you use on the cover page should match the formatting for the rest of your essay.

The cover page is an essential part of any essay. While it may seem unnecessary, doing it right can make a difference, especially if your professor takes formatting seriously. With this guide and the templates, you are better placed to write the best-formatted essay cover pages for all your essays.

Writing a cover page of an essay is very important.The purpose of a cover page is to give your essay a formal appearance, including relevant information that will provide the reader with an understanding of the author, what the paper is about and when it was written.Writing a cover page for an essay is as easy a,b,c !

By: Sahana.S

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