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celebrities with low net worth for an assortment of reasons, there are numerous cherished and skilled on-screen characters who are not in any case worth 1 million dollars! While for a few, it’s only a question of time, their professions are simply beginning up and even before the year’s over they will cross the edge into being a true blue tycoon. For others in any case, poor life decisions, deplorable tragedies, and awful speculations have pretty much crushed their fortunes. While some are holding tight with a couple of hundred thousand in the bank, others are so somewhere down in the red that it appears to be hard to envision they will ever recuperate.

As a portion of these are most loved performers, we truly seek the best after all included. What’s more, perhaps, take some notice from their oversights and be watchful with the manner in which we spend and put resources into cash. One thing’s without a doubt, we’re continually going to pay our charges on time starting now and into the foreseeable future! Let’s take a look at celebrities who have low net worth.

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin with a net worth of $200,000 the star of Kate Plus eight. She says she will keep doing reality TV so that she can support her eight children. Still she’s doing a lot better than her ex-husband John. Who only has $10,000 to his name who would have thought having lots of kids could be so expensive. Next in the list of celebrities with low net worth is

Dustin diamond

Dustin diamond with a net worth of $50,000. Now I know what you’re thinking screech from Saved by the Bell has $50,000. That’s pretty good for a guy who’s only starring role in the last 15 years was in a sex tape. But it’s not so good when you look at how much money his co-stars have.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt with a net worth of twenty thousand dollars. Heidi and Spencer had a 10 million dollar fortune but blew it on designer clothes private jets and reconstructive surgery and Heidi collected Birkin handbags. That cost $20,000 each she also had expensive breast implant surgeries. So just to sum up that’s over two hundred thousand dollars spent on handbags. One hundred thousand dollars spent on fun bags. Next in the list of celebrities with low net worth is

Gary Busey

Gary Busey with a net worth of negative five hundred thousand dollars. Gary Busey has appeared in over a hundred and fifty movies. He was nominated for an Oscar for the Buddy Holly story he filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman with a net worth of negative 1 million dollars. Dennis Rodman also known as the worm actually has less money than a real worm. He’s worth considerably less than his buddy Kim Jong hoon. Who’s worth about 5 billion dollars and has his own country. Rodman made over twenty nine million dollars from his NBA salary alone. He also earned several million dollars from endorsements and appearances bad investments led to his downfall. As well he owes over eight hundred thousand dollars in child support to his ex-wife. You would like top richest athlete in 2018.

Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid with a net worth of negative 1 million dollars. Randy is the brother of movie star Dennis Quaid Dennis is worth 40 million dollars by the way Randy Quaid has appeared in over 90 films including Days of Thunder Independence Day and Brokeback Mountain. He owes 1 million dollars which means he won’t be able to buy beard shampoo for a while.


DMX with a net worth of negative 10 million dollars. DMX also known as Earl Simmons has sold over 30 million albums, and has acted in eight movies speaking of child support. Take a guess how many kids DMX has? what you think I’ll say six no okay, how about seven no eight no okay, let’s start from the beginning one no.2 no.3 no.4 no.5 no 9 10 let’s see did I miss a number 11? okay this is crazy okay how about 15 yes that’s right DMX has 15 kids. DMX had his fifteenth child named Exodus Simmons on August 16 2016. An exodus is a good name for her, I think because she’s got enough siblings to lead her own Exodus, and just think if DMX has just one more kid he’ll have 16 kids, and then he could star in his own reality show called DMX plus 8 plus 8. Well that’s it thanks for reading and see you next time and let me know in the comments which of these celebrities surprised you the most.

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