Today we have to fight not to be Quite. Today, India and many of the counties are facing an incredible situation. So all you get know what I am talking about? Yes, I am talking about a global pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Coronavirus, we all know from where it came? What It’s effects? How it increasing? How it’s harming the people? And many more. So I will tell you again. It’s came from Wuhan, China. Basically virus name is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

On February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced an official name for the disease i.e. coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19.

Coronavirus some common symptoms are fever, dry cough, tridness. But serious symptoms are difficulty in breathing, chest pain or pressure and loss of speech or movement. Some of has mild symptoms which can manage over their home like headache, a rash on skin, sore throat etc.

There are 4 stage:-

STAGE-1: Imported Cases — When the virus has been transmitted by people travelling from abroad. It is the initial stages of the virus. In India the initial virus carriers are believed to be a group of Italians who later tested positive for COVID-19.

STAGE-2: Local Transmission – When people come in contact with those who have a travel history to countries affected by coronavirus, it is the second stage. 

STAGE-3: Community Transmission – It happens when the infected person has not come in contact with anyone who has a travel history to the countries affected by coronavirus. Large scale spread of the virus takes place in this stage. It doesn’t determine who is passing infection to whom and the source or chain of infection.

STAGE-4: Epidemic – This is the last stage of an outbreak. This is what happened in China when large masses got infected and there was a large number of rising confirmed cases as well as deaths.

It created trouble but we have solutions of it. Many Governments, Countries, States, WHO, suggested their views opinions which are Janta curfew, complete lockdown, social distancing, home quarantine, wearing Mask, Isolation, screening, contact tracing, etc.

First corona case in India reported in Bengaluru, Karnataka. After that the cases slowly gradually get increasing. The most infected or more patients are identifying in a popular metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi.

It prevents our country, states, cities, and citizens the Central and State Government tried a lot. Like lockdown and it’s many phases.

  1.   22nd March 2020 Janta curfew imposed by prime minister.
  2.   25 March to 14th April, 21 days lockdown.
  3.   15th April to 3rd May , 19 days lockdown.
  4.   4th May to 17th May, 14 days lockdown.
  5.   18th May to 31st May, 14 days lockdown.

After that 30 May, it was announced that lockdown restrictions were to be raised from then onwards, while the ongoing lockdown would be extended till 30 June for only the containment zones and other services resumed after 8 June (Unlock 1.0). After unlock 1 many other states are extended the lockdown as per their situation while in some of states the government started unlock phases. But with a proper following of rules and guidelines. But contentment zones hasn’t be unlocked. 

Lockdown has many disguise but it is blessed also. Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has some pro and cons. Lockdown has some unbelievable and magical events. 

That’s the story of sorrowful parents who just want to spend some memorable moments to their child a lockdown has blessed them now they are the luckiest one who has much time.Some people are worried because their marriage cancelled but some find the new way via online marriage with completing all rituals and with minimal cost. 

When we are taking some decision so it has to be many dimensional but this lockdown has a disaster effect on poor people who work daily to feed their hunger, many of the labourers or workers are migrating from the cities which we are seeming in news because their psychology is, “we can die by this disease but we don’t want to die with hunger.”

Lockdown has adverse effect on industries which lead to no revenue no gain no income. if there is no income then economy will slidely move down and crash. In one of the news report I heard that in one day we loose 35 crores so just imagine what will happen?

According to one news reports, if lockdown continue the GDP growth may slip further negative 2.1% lowest. 

God give as two hands right and left. just like that everything has some disadvantages and some opportunities. From many of the year there are campaign for saving trees save nature save environment but now every reporter all institutions get shocked by seeing a clear blue sky and fresh breezes after a decades. but, sadly no one is there to enjoy the freshness expected the stray animals because all of us are under lockdown.

In lockdown government imposed section 144, section 269, 270, and 271. The ministry of home affairs published the notification under section 6 of Disaster management Act.This virus is not our mistake about its in our hand to handle it properly. There is many precautions to manage it. 

Virus can be transmitted Person to person through small droplets from nose or mouth and Droplets that land on objects or surfaces around the person. Washing hands is important 30% alcohol content-based sanitizer can be used, using sanitizer, Maintaining social distancing, Don’t Touching your eyes, mouth, or nose. so following the guidelines and proper precautions is must.

Now a day unlock phases are going on slowly gradually industries, companies, services, trains, flight, restaurants, film industries, transport are opening. Which is a relaxing us.

Before lockdown and after many things are changed. The thought is god see his child by same eyes he never make difference in them. just like tsunami, it take all life’s even he is human, animal, rich,  poor, dark, fair, literate or unliterate. Just as, this virus has transmitted in all. But one thing which we always heard from scholar’s that, If God gives problem might be he may given a blessing also.

Many of works and firms are closed even though a women come in front to help the society by making a mask, PPE kit. Over 700 tribal women’s are stitching PPE kit for corona warriors in Dungarpur. which helping the poor, widow, single mother and needy women to generate income in this critical situation.

Corona is not only disturbed as, Earthquakes are recorded two times in Delhi. Firstly 3.5 magnitude in Delhi NCR on 12 April and on 14 April second earthquake of 2.7 magnitude hits Delhi.

Several rivers following above the danger level in North Bihar and Uttrakhand. Bagmati, Adhwara, Kosi, Burhi Gandak, Lalbakeya and Khirki were following at the danger level, around 7.6 lakhs population are went away from North Bihar. According to news reports this is because heavy rainfall in Nepal and North Bihar. 

Rainfall and increased water level is a one side on the other hands many of bridges and dams are falling and collapse like Rajasthan political issues. In old times bridges and building are so strong but now the government may be busy in election.

A portion of sattarghat Bridge on Gandak river that was inaugurated on 16 June by Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar in Gopalganj collapsed after heavy rainfall. According to Discovery report in 2050 around all states near by sea and coastal line will disappear in water.

Because of all these problems and Pandemic School, Colleges and other educational institutions are closed which may lead to delay in many exams like NEET, JEE etc. But it gives more time to study and prepare well. Now Education sector is going Digitalized. 

Today education system has been Digitalized many schools colleges taking lecture online but what is about fees? What is about those students who has no earning in between these 3 Months? What is about those students or teacher who is not financially strong? What is about teachers salary? What is about those clerks, peons who are suffering?

Share market, share Bazaar, It is difficulty to predict how market will perform and this situation is unpredictable. Sensex is around 42000 in January but today 37,736. Because of lockdown share market shrinked like boat which is in cyclone. Where many share prices are falling down apart from that pharma and IT sectors are climbing in sky like eagles. Not only Indian share market but also many other markets such as New York stock exchange, Shanghai stock exchange, Nasdaq etc. Commodities, real state  and other markets are facing the same. Many stocks surviving in this pandemic. 

Because of corona and lockdown one of the biggest magic is happened. For some many year government and people want digitalization but uneventually Now 55% people using digital payment system, using online learning, online shopping, and many more. Which is unbelievable and unpredicted. 

Reduction in road accidents, murder and other crimes. Many people come in front to help the country or nation. It created brotherhood in people. It shows, If you kept animal in the prison how they feel.Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it’s hard.

Only one thing is there that a human can help the other human being.’ The number of cases is still increasing everyday. But the rise of the curve is not so sharp that we can’t handle it. So stay home have fun keep following the prevention be relaxed.

India will coming soon on the track…



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