Best Tips To Win Fantasy Cricket

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Fantasy Cricket has been one of the most popular phenomena in the online gaming world, and it is not just in the Indian subcontinent but the craze of fantasy cricket has been spreading far and wide. In case you don’t know what fantasy cricket is, it is a virtual game where you can select players of your choice and form a team of 11 payers. Depending on the results of the actual game the players can win prizes and cash rewards.

Yeah, one can earn real money by playing Fantasy cricket online. Many of the seasoned players have now turned into full-time fantasy cricket players and make their living. However, even if you are not into making a career out of fantasy cricket it does have win rewards or to top the charts from the get-go, therefore we have a few tips that will help you win big by playing fantasy cricket online.

1. Check the condition of the pitch before the game 

Pitch does make the difference in a game of cricket so depending on the condition of the pitch you can choose from the pool of players. A green and patchy pitch means swing bowling will come in handy and a dry pitch will favor the spinners. There might be a case for the pitch that is favorable for batters and big hitters in this case you will need a strong batting lineup. All of this comes down to your research and information about the pitch on which the match will be played and selecting your fantasy players accordingly.

2. Select the captain and vice-captain

The thumb rule of getting successful at playing fantasy cricket game is to get the best selection of the captains. The captains give you 2x bonus points while the vice-captain adds 1.5x bonus points, so needless to say that the picks of them in your team are of utmost importance. Make sure you pick a captain based on the performance graph and not on the image value, this will in turn reward you with more points.

3. Pick players based on their performances

We know that cutting away or not selecting your favoruite player in your fantasy cricket team can be hard but here’s where you will have to draw a line, In order to compete or win big playing fantasy cricket, you will have to emphasize picking players who are genuinely doing well and are more likely to score points for you. If you are unable to make the changes of not picking your favoured player over the deserving one then fantasy cricket is not for you.

4. Create multiple teams

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is better to have more than one team prepared and ready to go on a click. There can be a last-minute injury or changes in the team which will force your hand to rush into making the decision, so it is better to get two or three combinations of the team so that you are well prepared for any surprising outcomes just before the game.

5. Get a balanced team

One can easily get blind-sighted upon seeing the options of the players you can have on your team. But hold on, in Fantasy cricket the big name players do not always deliver, here you have to calibrate, understand, and then pick the players. Many times the conditions demand to have an all-rounder in the team then you should go for them over them rather than picking an extra batter. Think of yourself in the shoes of the coach and then make the decision this will help you better in picking the team that will score you points.

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