Always try to: BE YOU!

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“Dare to be what your best self knows you ought to be; dare to be a bigger human being than you have ever been.”- Norman Vincent Peale

Hello everybody, this time I’m back with an interesting topic that everyone would like to know.  First let me ask you a question, “What is one among the salient rubrics in judgement of one’s project?” It’s originality, May I right?

So, how to express your originality, your talent to the world? This can be done only by being you. Being you can actually make you healthy. It creates many platforms for one to achieve, showcase, express one’s opinions, recognise.

Now you all would think, “What is the benefit that we get if we are being ourselves?” The benefits are beyond your imagination. You would never get the feelings by being yourself in other. You may experience the best of the two worlds as well.

I’d tell you some benefits one attains of oneself in life:

  1. Wherever you go, you will get your recognition.
  2. You will be able to stick to rules properly.
  3. Once you like and believe your thoughts, opinions, others will value you.
  4. You gain confidence to look forward in life.
  5. You feel less stress and can be more productive.
  6. You will soon be able to find those who are passing clouds in your life.
  7. You will choose right friends.
  8. You’ll gain higher standards and become better decision makers.
  9. There is a great chance that people trust you.
  10. You can make a name for yourself.
  11. You will be capable of following through and reaching goals effectively.

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” ~ Dr. Seuss

“Be you” is a simple phrase for a herculean task. Even miracles happen when you believe yourself. Though it can’t happen like a shot to you, it will make yourself healthy in future. Once you are happy, you will experience less stress, depression, lack of motivation. Being happy boosts one’s immune system. Being happy can help in recovery of one’s body from illness faster. You get sound sleep.

I’d like to let you know some ways that helps you to stay true to yourself:

  • Love yourself.
  • You have to spare some time to get to know yourself.
  • You have to avoid gossiping, as it brings in negativity.
  • Always think and act positively.
  • You have to focus on what makes you grateful.
  • You have to follow your heart not fool your heart.
  • Avoid taking advices from others, everyone differs and only you know you.
  • You have to practise very hard. It’s just not easy. Once you know yourself, it is easy.
  • Appreciate yourself. (Come on; give a pat on your shoulders!)
  • You can seek help from your best friends.
  • You have to monitor your progress.
  • Experiment new things( As you will never know what talent you have)
  • Pursue your dreams.
  • Stay motivated (away from negative thoughts).

You should make “being yourself” as your top most priority. Once you start being yourself, you will see your success in pipeline. It will pay the price. It creates a difference by making a clean sweep.

TIP: You never are billion or trillion times better than you are how you are. Learning to accept and embrace oneself will gain you lots and lots of happiness.

Once you get to know yourself, your life would have been changed, and you would see a better you. You will enjoy your life and would see eye to eye with me of having your life healthier, in much better standards.

I’m just telling my experience, Why not? , you people try and experience the best feeling ever one could experience in one’s life.  You can’t make head or tail of just reading my essay unless you try it.

When you start trying, you will feel like a ton of bricks loaded on your head to move on. Once you head on, you will feel less pressure on yourself. Though you might find yourself in a tizzy feeling, never mind, work hard, till you reach your destination. You have to jump in with both feet, or else you can’t the fruit of success.

Two words that can change the way we approach our life ‘CAN I?’ or ‘I CAN’. Think and choose the right option and create a difference in your life. Think wisely and act. You should in a stew about and for your life.

Just keep in mind that hard work can beat talent as well.

I think this is enough for this month as I don’t want to a long bow further. I will meet you all soon with yet another interesting topic next month. Until then, experiment it and wait for my next essay. All the Best.

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do-list every single day and the rest will fall into place.”

Author: SAHITHYA.B.A, Karur


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