Reasons to Pursue Photography as a Hobby



Silently walking through the miles,
Dense path with sharping sun giving me a way,
I can feel the air of my breath and sound,
Let the lonely path to discover me around.
If you are losing your leisure, look out! – sometimes u lose your soul

–Virgina Woolf

Our world is a blend of colors where nothing seems black and white except when you put your fingers in the darkness of the night. It is a combination of natural surroundings and the human resources maintaining the balance of its perfection in a true shape. Natural beauty lies in the every minute creatures of the arena which can be a caterpillar walking on his tiny feet or the shinning beam of light making its way in the dense forest or the two birds making their nest together or the pebbles lying beside the flowing water making a place of attraction or a wonderful mind of humans mingling in their own thoughts. Thinking about it, human resource is a creative design of Almighty which has its own way to live with, involving their ideas, thoughts, hobbies, inventions, innovation etc. One of it is a hobby.  A hobby is one of those treasures of a person which increases his passion towards life and living. It enhances us to develop and discover more about ourselves rather than sitting idly without a word for your life. Photography is my single breath which makes me to be by myself. Here a person can build their own castle of creativity with their own choice. It enhances us to project more with the coming and open world. 

According to Alfred Stieglitz “In photography there is a reality so substle that it becomes more real than reality” which clearly mentions the bigger world captured in the small edges of the camera. When a person thinks deeply on it, it is not only art or passion or desire to hook something in an album or photo but it’s a feeling of analyzing anything closely or deeply with your visual eyes which are been ignored by our real living. It is a love towards our nature and living which needs to be caved in the books of memories so as to admire by us until it gets mixed in the soil of the earthly mother from where it had been born. We people have a habit of seeing at large so we miss out small – small piece of moments which made it large. We never imagine seeing an ant carrying her food or the birds flying peacefully in their groups by making some shapes or a child playing enthusiastically on the roads or magic had been done by our mothers to make some delicious dishes. It is all the happiness which we overpass our eyes but the virtual eyes doesn’t. Photography is a collection of thoughts and ideas which projectile the far wide world to our nearest. It actually intensifies us to discover more than limiting our research to a specific topic. It captivate each single eye on this earth which shows some emotions, affection, simplicity, wonderfulness, pain or the hidden facts which a person has yet to discover.

But to adopt a hobby as a career, a person needs to be professional in it. He should develop all those qualities which a photographer may possess in order to analyze things with a different perspective. Every beginning to learn anything starts from schools, colleges or institutes which represents his fascination towards career and life. One of the best institutes to be a better photographer hallmarks New York Institute of Photography, Tokyo Zokie University, and Columbia College Chicago etc. They are the top most universities for best education of photography where ambition lies at the foot of the people. Here are some Indian universities too which presents a good slogun on studies like Delhi College of Photography, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad, Osmania University and many more. 

It is daydream of every child to manage education in those universities where his ambition gets a new phase and light. These are one of those institutes where a photographer gets his new shade and colours. Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Martin Parr, William Eggleton are one those famous faces who made their hobbies and excitement comes true as a career and ambition by being a real photographer. There works are master pieces of the world which represents a new era of the time. They folded the whole world into a small screen which talks deep than the reality. It has great career options where a person can change his passion into profession. Here a person can pursue the types of photography they like such as wildlife, environment, fashion, sports, travel, wedding etc or they can lead their hands in digital era where commercial purposes are being served. They can opt different degrees in it by which they can study more about expansion in  the beats of photography as it could be in events, news,  cultural, political and much more. 

Therefore, it is a perfect skill to visualize your ideas into the real frame. Photography makes a person to meet with the reality of life which already exited as our part. To convert it professionally, a person needs to gain precise knowledge of each thing and analyze it personally in your thoughts so that you can show a real meaning in it. Overall photography makes a person traveler who searches presence of life in everything thing.

Hearing the sounds of dark night,
My eyes open with the utmost fear,
But then I saw the lights of chasing moon,
It makes me to sleep peacefully.




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