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Golden Pavilion
Kinkakuji (金閣寺, Golden Pavilion) , Kyoto Original Photo : M K Paul

All across the world, there are more than a million of buzzing and energetic places, suited for tourism, having something to interest different tourists. But if I had the opportunity to visit one of the places, without thinking for a second, I would have selected the land of the Rising Sun, the stupendous country of Japan, one of the places filled with  majestic wonders.

You might have thought, why did I choose Japan? There is the US, having Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and other exciting cities. There is France which has the fashion capital Paris with Disneyland and exciting activities. Well, of course, these places are also amazing urban cities with oodles of fun activities to do. But I am not the person to go around and shop between streets and playing casinos.

In fact, I am one of the folk to get away from the hubbub and chaos of the bustling city and get in closer with nature and enjoy its scintillating natural admiration. But how does Japan fulfil these thoughts? What is there in Japan?

Well, need you ask? There are a billion answers for this question! The way I want to express these natural aspirations in Japan is by the ideology of the four seasons. By this, I can express different wonders according to each season in the year. Let’s get started.

Let’s start with the first season in the year, Spring. There is no doubt Japan can powerhouse of flowers in this season. With those amazing cherry blossoms every spring, it certainly fascinates me with its rich beauty. Locations where you can view these flowers of scintilla can be at the banks of the river Meguro. Other locations can be near Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido.

Original Photo by M K Paul

Next season, Summer. Summer can be hot and unrelentingly humid, but at Japan, it can be a picturesque and scenic moment a wink of fireflies zooming across the air around you. With summer music festivals in the outskirts of cities to a hike at Mount Fuji, summer can’t be hot anymore with these time pass activities at Japan!

Mount Fuji
Original Photo By M K Paul

Let’s move on to the next season, Autumn. But at autumn, there is nothing special anywhere. What can be done?

Don’t fret,

Don’t despair.

Some colourful leaves,

Will be waiting for you there.

Of course, yes. The colourful leaves just fascinates everyone arriving at Japan that it brings just as many tourists going for the cherry blossoms. Amazing right? But if you’re not the person who likes leaves, there is more for you. You can go rowing by the rivers at the Japanese zen gardens.  This time you’ll be awestruck by the picturesque views here. A camera will be a must accessory here.

Japanese garden,Photo: M K Paul
Photo : M K Paul

Last but of course not the least, will be the season of Winter. Children will fall in love by playing with the snow at Sapporo Winter Snow Festival. The others can go skiing and ice skating. There is the Jigokudani Monkey Park where you can see monkeys covered with blankets of snow! You can also enjoy the scenic views of the mountains.

Now do you see why Japan is a beyond extraordinary country? I hope I have expressed the majestic wonders of the country. But, wait, that’s not all! There is certainly something renovating new in Japan, with new arising admirations every  year which you can sightsee if you visit Japan! So go forth, tourists! This can spread news of Japan far and abroad.

Famous Shrine in Japan
Original Photo By M K Paul

Happy travelling!


Author BioHaricharan Venkatesan, a student of DPS ,Dubai,UAE.He is a participant of Monthly Essay Competition, March,2019


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