Up-and-Coming Trends About Online Casinos

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The revenue of online casinos in India in 2018 was an astonishing 44 billion Indian rupees and has been growing ever since. As more and more punters take their money online, so does the mobile gaming industry develop to live up to their expectations. In this ever-changing environment, it becomes almost impossible to make any hard predictions because what is true today, can be overturned by technological innovation or unexpected situations (such as coronavirus pandemic) in a second.

Still, there are some clear trends for making online casino real money in the online casino industry that will define years to come.

Mobile Gaming Prevails

Mobile gambling is becoming no.1 type of gambling not only in India but across the globe. The EcoPayz accepted online casinos in India use advanced technologies to provide players with instant access to all their favorite games, as well as a special banking interface for safe mobile deposits and withdrawals. The mobile gaming platforms draw inspiration from desktop platforms and require only a solid internet connection and Android or Apple smartphone. Players can easily access their games by using mobile browsers, no downloads, and updates required.

This intuitive approach towards mobile gambling is a trend that is here to stay. After all, in 2019, 50% of all internet visitors used desktop computers, and 40% of users were browsing via their phones. The general trend in the past few years has been that more and more people rely on their mobile phones, and the online casino industry is no exception. Thanks to mobile casinos you can play whenever you like and wherever you like, no limitations.

Special Approach Towards Female Gamblers

In the past, online gambling was primarily focused on men, primarily because it was based on poker. However, considering that women make approximately 50% of the entire population, gambling companies have finally realized it is only natural to include games and imagery that will speak to them.

Now, instead of hot girls in skimpy outfits, masculine messages, and boys smoking cigars, casino websites are focused on good offers and great deals. The design also tends to be less masculine, as soft forms and natural lines are preferred. In addition to that, many casino sites decide to completely specialize in providing their services exclusively to women, while others simply create special gaming categories with romantic slots. And while some consider this approach to be a bit discriminatory, the fact is that since casinos have focused on women, the bonuses are getting better, and casinos more regulated, as women tend to be more cautious when choosing a website to spend their time on.

Regulation Is The Key

Back in the early 2000s, the online casino industry was like Wild West. Regulation was almost non-existent and licenses were a rare sight and issued only by a handful of authorities. Luckily, things are finally taking a turn, and online establishments are becoming safer, more reliable, and, not to mention – regulated.

While there are still some countries that struggle to comprehend what online gaming is all about, others are doing their best to benefit from this new trend. And it is not only big markets and companies we are talking about. For instance, Croatia, a small EU country you probably have never heard of, is blocking all casino websites without a proper Croatian gaming license. On the other hand, the UK Gambling Commission plans to force companies operating on their territory, to open business branches in the UK to help fight unemployment and collect more taxes. Ireland is revisiting its regulatory framework and puts emphasis on safe and fair gambling, rather than taxes and restrictions.

Crossover Games for More Variety

Blackjack, roulette, slots, and scratchcards are industry classics that are here to stay, but casinos of the 21st century understand they must be innovative and provide amazing content to keep their users interested. For this reason, we witness an amazing trend of creativity which results in many popular crossover games.

Notably, by combining bingo and slots, we got slingo games that are colorful, dynamic, and incredibly fun to play. A new trend in the industry is also “buy bonus games” which are a true mix of mobile gaming apps and gambling. For a symbolic amount, you can activate special features that increase your chances of winning – something that has been popular in mobile and online gaming for ages.

If all this is not enough for you, you can expect to play games that are real crossovers between competitive online gaming and gambling – players form teams who do quests and fight opponents with the main goal to win as many coins as possible. In addition to that, virtual reality is becoming an essential part of virtual online sports and interactive games in which you need that “real feel” for the best results.


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