Gujarat is famous for its diverse attraction, unique culture and exclusive architectural beauties. The place holds the largest salt desert, unique handicrafts, and marvelous temples. This article gives a list of top attractions to visit in Gujarat.

Rani Ki vav of Patan

Rani Ki Vav is an ancient step well built by the queen of Bhimdeva. This 11th century structure was initially used for preserving ground water. Later, it was found that the walls of the step well were filled with ornamented images, sculptures and much more. This well stands today as a primary example of ancient artworks. You can enjoy light shows, festivals and cultural events near the stepwell during winter.

Gir National Park

Located in Junagadh, this national park is famous for its collection of Asiatic lion. The park is lined with dry deciduous forests with more than 300 bird species and 33 species of mammals. The best time to visit this park is between March and May. Jeep safari is an important attraction in this region. The national park is also famous for its collection of silk cotton trees. During summer season, these trees bear orange flowers, which add more beauty to the dusty landscape.

Dwarkadeesh temple

This temple was the mythological palace of Lord Krishna. This temple stands on just 72 pillars. The walls of this temple hold numerous sandstone sculptures, carvings and other architectural marvels. The temple is an important religious destination too. Close to this temple, you can find numerous other shrines that are dedicated to different Gods, related to Lord Krishna.

Great Rann of Kutch

This is the world’s largest salt desert. Located on the western region of Gujarat, this region is best enjoyed during night. If you visit during Rann Utsav, you can enjoy camel safari, cultural programs, midnight moonlit dinner and much more. Apart from exploring this natural wonder, you can also visit a few architectural marvels close to the desert region. If time permits, enjoy a safari through the nearby villages to witness the local life of the people.

Polo Monument and Vijayanagar Forest

Polo temples were built between 10and 15 AD. Later, it was used as a hiding place for anti-law and other notorious activities. Today, these monuments are important architectural beauties. The most notable one is the Sarneshwar Temple. It is an important religious sight too. You can also find traces of Islamic architectural features in these temples. A jeep safari to the Polo temples and the Vijayanagar Forest is an important tourist attraction of this region.

Savarmati Ashram

This is the monument, which is closely linked with the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This ashram was used by Mahatma for various independence activities. Gandhi’s living quarters is still preserved and is open to people. The open-air museum at this ashram is an important tourist attraction.

Apart from these, you can find many architectural and natural beauties in and around Gujarat. Gujarat is an incredible piece of land, which would make a suitable vacation spot for all kinds of tourists.


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