Rise of Online Poker

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If there is one industry that has continued to thrive regardless of wider economic trends in recent years, it is iGaming. The number of people who compete in and watch iGaming tournaments is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down.

Poker is one of the internet games that there is a great of consumer demand for. People like to enter online poker tournaments, but many more just enjoy being able to play standard poker games at online casinos.

Indeed, more than 100 million people around the world now play online poker. Read on to find out what is driving the popularity of this game.

It is Very Accessible

The availability of poker on the internet makes accessing the game far easier than it used to be. In the past, people who wanted to play some poker had to visit their nearest land-based casino and not every town has one.

This meant considerable inconvenience, as well as travel costs, which put many people off. The atmosphere of a land-based casino also has the potential to feel intimidating and inaccessible to less experienced players.

By contrast, people can play online poker in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of home, with no commuting hassle or expense. It can also be played at any time, making it easier to fit around an individual’s everyday schedule.

The Sites are Helpful

Poker is a complex game and playing at a land-based casino plunges a new player in without any help whatsoever. That is not true when playing online, as the sites feature useful information about the different poker hands and other tips.

These help newer players to find their feet and learn the basics of the game before they start to play poker for real money.

The Technology is Always Improving

Technology is what made playing poker on the internet possible in the first place, but it has not stopped there. Tech is now constantly improving the experience for players.

It has led to the development of live dealer poker games. These allow the different players and dealer to see each other on a live video link.

Given that poker is really a psychological contest that has made the online game a lot more compelling for players. Then there are mobile poker apps.

All of the top online casinos have these now and they make accessing the game even easier and more convenient than it was before.

Technology is next expected to bring virtual reality poker games that could simulate the experience of playing at a luxury Las Vegas casino with total accuracy and total immersion.

The Games are Affordable

One big barrier to playing poker at a casino in the real world is that the games frequently have minimum betting requirements needed to join them. They are often set pretty high, putting them out of reach for a lot of people.

Another reason why the virtual world version of the game has become so big is that these requirements are usually a lot lower. With land-based games, $1/2 no limit requirements are usually the lowest, while a bankroll of at least $400 can be necessary. 

However, online poker can be played with just a couple of dollars at a time. It benefits people because they can play for longer by betting less at one time.

People Value Privacy

Competing in a poker game at a land-based casino does not offer much potential for privacy. Everything from your personal identity to your bankroll is basically visible to the other players and anyone else – which can be a lot of people if the casino is busy.

Online poker offers people almost complete privacy. It is possible to create a username to conceal your real one, while your deposit account at the site is protected by data encryption. 

Most people like to keep as much of their personal and financial information private if possible, so the greater options for that have helped online poker rise in popularity.

There are Bonuses

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The last significant factor in the rise of the online game is the presence of promotional bonuses. Online casinos provide people with offers like a poker no deposit bonus to tempt them to sign up and then loyalty bonuses to reward them for staying with the site.

Even the best casinos in the real world do not have anything like that. We all enjoy getting something for nothing and that is what many online casino poker bonuses amount to.

It is not hard to see why they are causing people to pick virtual over real-world poker in ever greater numbers.

Those are the main things that are driving the rise of online poker, but it is also important to remember that iGaming of all sorts is growing in popularity these days.

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