Photography Quote Contest

Result of Photography Quote Contest (March-May 2019)

Prize Name
First Sunil Kumar
2500 INR  Cash Prize and e-certificate
Second Anamika Sharma
1000 INR  Cash Prize and e-certificate
Editor’s Choice Shantanu Das
Branded Watch and e-certificate
Just Missed praiseworthy entries Nupur Machher
  Jesal R Jadeja
Prize: a personalized medal, gift voucher and e-certificate


Announcement of the Contest

Are you in the habit of clicking photos?  If you either click for fun or you have a passion for photography, here you have an opportunity to get rewarded for your act. Let’s the world see your imagination and photography skill. Read the guidelines and submit your entries with your photograph and its small description.

Contest Rules

  1. Participants have to submit a high resolution photograph along with a short description as per their imagination.
  2. Photograph can be taken from digital camera or mobile phone having good resolution.
  3. The description or quote related to the photograph has to be submitted along with the photograph and should be typed in MS word.
  4. The minimum word count of the description or quote should be 100 words.
  5. The submission should be original. Copied or copyrighted photograph will not be accepted. The violation of copyright will be charged to the participants. Organizer is not responsible for any breach. So participants are encouraged to submit only their own clicked photograph.
  6. No Plagiarism, No copy allowed
  7. We will have the authority to publish the photographs sent by the contestants in our platform by mentioning the contestant’s name.
  8. Copyright to the photograph will remain with the contestants.
  9. Language: English, Bengali and Hindi
  10. Nationality: Any Nationality
  11. Last date of submission: 31st may 2019
  12. Result announcement: 15th June 2019
  13. You have to send your entry through email to
  14. Rewards:

First Prize: 2500 INR (50$ for winners outside India) Cash Prize and ready to print eCertificate

Second Prize: 1000 INR (30$ for winners outside India) Cash Prize and ready to print eCertificate

Editor’s choice:  Branded Watch/or similar gift  and ready to print eCertificate

Apart, all the participants shall get some prizes in the gift/discount coupons

  1. All the participants will get participation certificate (e-certificate)
  2. The participants have to pay registration/admin fee of 300 INR or $5 through       Paypal: (for non Indian Participants)                                  Google Pay: 9322362147 (for Indian participants)
  3. After paying the admin fee, you need to mail us with your details or screenshot/proof of payment
  4. Winners will be judged by a panel of and the decision made by the panel would be the final and no queries will be entertained. The judgement will be fully impartial, as all the entries will be published and visible to all.
  5. The winner’s name would be announced through our website and the same will be communicated through email.
  6.  Participant can send multiple recipes for the contest by paying extra admin fee.
  7. Entries can be modified anytime before the deadline
  8. Please go through all the rules for the Contest. If you do not agree please do not participate.
  9. For any query, please write to us at: