Movie-Themed Online Casino Games


One of the top entertainment pastimes nowadays is playing online casino games. Surely, the games are fun to play and completely catch your attention. As a result, more and more players find interest in playing online casino games. There are different online casino games and players can enjoy a big variety of games available online. Indeed, the number grows on a daily basis and you need to check casino sites regularly to keep in touch with the latest online casino game releases.

Online Casino Sites

Since the early beginning of online casino gaming, gambling enthusiasts have enjoyed playing online casino games in the comfort of their own homes. The base of online casino sites has been regularly growing and now, there is a big number of online casino sites and the competition is stronger than ever. To attract the customer’s eye, online casino sites, such as Wildz, offer special promotions and bonus packages to improve the gaming experience. 

The customer’s base is bigger than ever and the online casino industry is on the rise. Indeed, the annual revenue of the online casino gaming is worth billions of dollars. The online casino industry puts a big effort into improving the online gaming experience and upgrading the visual graphic presentation. Now, thanks to it, gambling enthusiasts can enjoy an exciting gaming experience without leaving the house. The gaming list is regularly updated with new games, to take a look at new game releases that you might find interest in.

Movie- Themed Slots

Lately, players have shown interest in playing the themed slots. Themed slots are online casino games that are inspired by touristic attractions, other casino destinations, hobbies, etc. In other words, themed slots give players the possibility to enjoy a gambling experience while at the same time they enjoy beautiful visual graphics inspired by something. Surely, we all have a favorite movie of all time. Some online casino games are inspired by classics in the movie industry. 

Movie-themed slots have visual graphics inspired by a movie. The inspiration can come from literally anything- the characters that are presented as icons, the setting where the movie was filmed, or even the genre of the movie. All in all, movie-themed slots offer an eye-catching visual presentation of the online casino games that players will find interesting and keeps them engaged throughout the whole time. Here are some of the most popular online casino slots inspired by a movie that will look amazing on some of the best smartphone devices.


We’re going back to Ancient Rome in the Rome Colosseum where the gladiator battles took place. The inspiration for this slot comes from the movie Gladiator where Russell Crowe plays the main role. The inspiration for this slot from the history of the Roman Empire is evident in the slot background and the game icons, which present some of the main themes in this five-Oscars winning movie. Gladiator is a standard five-reel slot with not less than 25 possible paylines. Lucila, Commodus, and Proximo are some of the symbol icons in the game.

Jurassic Park

It’s time for a sci-fi movie known in the cinema industry for surreal graphic presentation. The eye-catching background in Jurassic Park is surely inspired by the movie’s impressive visuals. Microgaming is the provider of this slot. The jungle presented in the backdrop will surely catch the player’s attention. As expected, the symbols in the game are presented through the five dinosaurs and the other main characters in the movie. The game provides players with a free spin bonus round. In the game, players can win up to 35 wild symbols. 


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