Great Indie Flicks on Netflix


Due to the unexpected popularity of the article titled – Romantic Movies on Netflix, maybe it’s time to seize the opportunity, the momentum, and publish one about great independent features on the world’s most popular streaming platform.

Independent feature films are the little guys of the movie industry. These are passion-driven projects that are more about artistic expression than monetary gain. They don’t have the weight of box office expectations on their shoulders, rather, they focus on what really matters – story.

In the past, independently financed movies were a rarity. Either a country had a developed movie industry that was dominated by a few major studios, or production was subsidized. It wasn’t until the 90s when the true indie boom occurred. India has its fair share of great indie movies such as Peddlers, Lucia, Fandry, Titli, and many more. Sadly, not a lot of these are available on Netflix. The platform tends to offer more mainstream Bollywood pictures that appeal to the masses

However, the streaming service is chock full of hidden gems. Small movies that you’ve likely never heard of, but are just as fun, if not more than those that you’ve seen in theaters. And, you can find some fairly recognizable names and faces starring in them. So, let’s take a look at a few which you can immediately take a look at, on Netflix.

Win It All

Joe Swanberg is the epitome of indie filmmaking. This Detroit-born writer-director used to be a film factory, producing upwards of six movies per year. He has earned a reputation for his micro-budget films that heavily rely on improvisation, and is regarded as one of the main figures of the mumblecore movement. In 2016, he teamed up with comedic actor Jake Johnson to bring us this romantic comedy about a poker player, who loses a friend’s bag of money and has to go out and win it all back.

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Frances Ha 

Greta Gerwig is now a very powerful woman in Hollywood, and a three-time Oscar nominee. However, she captured wide-spread audiences in this 2012 black-and-white fare, which she co-wrote with her future partner Noah Baumbach. The two would go on to collaborate in the 2015 film – Mistress America. An equally delightful and satisfying film.

Frances Ha isn’t exactly plot-driven. It’s a quirky movie that’s strangely intimate and its success relies heavily on Gerwig’s unending charm.

The Spectacular Now

Director James Ponsoldt has said that this was a very personal film for him. Once you see it, you understand why. And, though Ponsoldt has gone on to make movies with stars like Tom Hanks, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Watson, this remains his best movie by far.

The story revolves around a charming high-school student who unsuccessfully hides his drinking problem. He breaks up with one girl, only to establish a deeper connection with another, who’s smart, funny, and shy. It’s a tremendously emotional story about relationships, with partners, and parents.

Sleeping with Other People

In reality, all the movies in this article have a heavy romantic aspect. This 2015 indie is no different. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis might have slightly stepped out of the limelight in the past couple of years, but a while back, you could find them in a ton of these lower-budget upbeat movies. With good reason. They are terrific.

In this Lesly Headland comedy, the two play a duo of a womanizer and a serial-cheat who form a platonic relationship that benefits both, until they fall for each other. Who didn’t see that coming? It also features Adam Brody and Amanda Peet and is an all-round great time.


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