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By: YuMin Kim

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A lot of people travel around the world with friends or families to make good memories with them. According to the World Tourism Organization, the countries that had the most travelers were, in turn, France, Mexico, the United States, Italy, and Hungary. There were a total of 117.1 million visitors in France, 51.1 million in Mexico, 45 million in the United States, 38.4 in Italy, and 31.6 million in Hungary. Today I would like to introduce the best country and cities around the world to travel to. 

There is the world’s most famous landmark located in France, Paris the Eiffel Tower. In 2010, 6.14 million people visited the Eiffel Tower. For adults, the entrance fee is 17 Euros to go to the second floor and 26 Euros to go to the top. Due to this ticket price, France was able to earn approximately 87 million Euros just for Eiffel Tower Tickets. If you go to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can see the view of the river Seine and Paris right next to it at a glance. France is not only famous for the Eiffel Tower.

The Louvre Museum is also the most visited museum in the world. The cheapest ticket to enter the museum is 17 euros. If you pay this price you could see the most famous arts in this Museum. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Les Noces de Cana by Véronèse, Vénus de Milo, Victoire de Samothrace, Le Sacre de l’Empereur Napoléon ier by Jacques-Louis David, La Liberté Guidant le Peuple, Psyché Ranimée par le Baiser de l’amour by Antonio Canova, and more worldwide arts are located in this museum. In 2019, there were approximately 9.6 million visitors to the Louvre museum more tourists than Eiffel Tower. 

The most popular city in Mexico for travelers is Cancun. According to World Data Info, there were 6.15 million tourists who visited Cancun. Cancun is famous for its gorgeous beaches, great weather, clean blue-colored oceans, and stunning hotels. Hotels located in Cancun offer exceptionally high-quality service. They provide 24 hours room services, a free surfing experience, an airport shuttle, and more. A lot of people will be concerned about the safety of Cancun. However, Cancun has a significantly lower crime rate than other cities in Mexico.

There are so many things tourists can do in Cancun. Since there are a lot of stunning hotels located in Cancun, tourists can travel around the hotels and look around the buildings. They also can visit the downtown of Cancun, feel the local atmosphere and try some street foods in Cancun. Tourists can snorkel near Cancun because there are more than 500 sculptures in the ocean. Ziplining through the jungle is also possible. In Cancun, you cannot miss the beautiful beaches. The most popular beaches are Playa Delfines, Playa Tortugas, Chac Mool Beach, and Playa Forum. Tourists can enjoy surfing and paddle boarding on beaches. 

The third most visited country is the United States with 45 million people. Of the 45 million people, the places the most people went to were New York City, Miami, and Las Vegas. In New York, the most visited place is Times Square. According to NYC & Co, 13.5 million people visited Times square. Tourists visit Times Square to soak in the amazing New York city energy. While soaking into New York city tourists can also see the Broadway show. Second, most visited Las Vegas, people can enjoy gambling, visit Grand Canyon, and see the incredible shows. In Las Vegas, there are tremendous hotels and casinos are located. Guests in hotels are located to play games in the hotel’s casinos.

There are about 32 million visitors annually including United States citizens. After spending some time in casinos, visitors can visit the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon is widely known for its finest example of erosion in the world. The entire length of the canyon is about 277 miles and the dept is 4,000 feet deep. Las Vegas, where you can enjoy America’s most famous landmarks and casinos at the same time, is a good city for travelers. The third most visited place for tourists is Miami. Miami is famous for its beautiful beaches, non-stop night lights, and fantastic warm weather. South beach which is one of the most famous beaches in the world is located in Miami. Tourists can enjoy the clubs, bars, and shows near the beach through the mid night. 

There are so many beautiful cities around the world, however, I introduced the cities that had the most tourists every year. Since I’ve never been to Europe before based on the knowledge that I’ve learned while writing this article, I hope that someday I will be able to spend a happy time with my family in Europe.

By: YuMin Kim

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