Baseball Betting: The Most Important Thing For A Player


Baseball is a team sport game with a baseball bat. Each team has nine players (sometimes ten). The game lasts nine innings, that is, both teams attack and defend nine times. Despite the fact that this sport is not widely popular in Russia, many Russian bookmakers accept bets on baseball. For those who recently met this sports game and want to apply their knowledge when playing in the bookmaker, we explain the main features and nuances that must be taken into account. Mattinglybaseball helps you to get the detailed info on baseball.

Teams change sides after the three players of the attacking team are removed from the game. Victory is awarded to the team that will score more points (“wounds”) by the end of the ninth inning. There is no fixed time in baseball. Any single attack can last a long time or vice versa – it depends on how quickly the team succeeds in it.

Important Features

Baseball championships take place mainly in the summer when most other team sports have a break.

High odds can be not only on outsiders of the championships but also on leaders because of the stability of baseball leagues. In the USA and Canada League (MLB), the number of wins and losses is within 60/40.

There is no draw in baseball, and therefore it becomes easier to predict the victory of one of the teams.

Baseball Betting Types

The victory of one or another team (“P1” or “P2”)

In baseball, there are two main bets on the outcome: The victory of the first or second team. As we already wrote, no draw is provided for in baseball, however, some bookmakers accept bets on the victory of a team taking into account additional innings. That is, if the teams could not identify the winner in 9 major innings, an unlimited number of innings will be added until the winner is identified.

Victory with the handicap of one of the teams

Handicap in baseball, as in other sports, implies the final difference of points (wounds) between the teams. For example, if you bet on K1 with a handicap (-1.5), then the final score in favor of this team for your win should be a winning difference of 2 points (wound) or more in favor of K1. If you chose the head start of another team (+1.5), then the team should not lose with a difference of two or more points (wounds).


Total is the total number of points (wounds) that teams can score in nine major innings. Also, some bookmakers offer bets on the individual total of one of the teams, that is, on a specific number of wounds (points) carried out by a team of hosts or guests.

We have described only the basic bets on baseball that are accepted by bookmakers. With the popularization of baseball, some bookmakers also offer bets such as “who will make the first or last wounds in the inning?”, “Will there be training?”, “Who will make the first wounds and win the match?”, “Will there be a home run and what type? ”, Etc. Similar offers of bookmakers are mainly taken by players who are well versed in all the intricacies of baseball. Beginning betting enthusiasts, in most cases, play on the main outcomes, and we will talk about which bookmakers offer an extended line for baseball in a separate column of this material.

Baseball betting strategy

As in any sport, to make a profit on bets, you need to understand it (although this will not be a guarantee). Baseball is no exception, rather the opposite: it is considered a specific sporting event in which you need to know all the subtleties in order not to lose the entire bank.

There are many strategies for baseball, but basically, they come down to the “catch-up” strategy (what it is, you can find in a separate article of our Betting School).

Inning Draw Live Betting

Once again: baseball games do not end in a draw. Teams at the end of the game reveal the winner in extending. But bets on a draw in the main innings are accepted. The probability of a draw in 9 innings is extremely high, and therefore the strategy of “catching up” is quite popular among players in live betting on a draw.

The disadvantage is that the coefficient for a draw in the inning does not exceed 1.85, which forces the player to have a solid bank and increase the bet several times in order to win back the previous loss and become a plus.

Outsider Betting

Baseball is one of the most unpredictable sports where notorious outsiders sometimes triumph over favorites. And the odds on them are quite high. Many distance players like to take the victories of the teams that are at the bottom of the standings. If you lose, the size of the bet on the next game of the outsider increases. Again, to be in the black, it is imperative to conduct pre-match analytics and have a solid bank.

Pre-Match Analytics

Although this sport is not as popular in our country as football or basketball, information about past matches can be found without difficulty. Before betting on baseball, study the standings, past and personal meetings of the teams, as well as injuries and disqualifications of the main players in the squad.

Stadium selection

In baseball, all stadiums are different. They can be wider or narrower, longer or shorter. Each stadium has its own wind rose, which means that the wind can both interfere with the players and help, slowing down or accelerating the flight of the ball. For this reason, some sports facilities host productive matches, while others play grass-roots matches. In many bookmakers, the stadium in which the teams will play is indicated in advance.


Baseball, although a team sport, however, the individual skill of athletes decides a lot. Studying team pitchers is one of the most important factors when choosing bets. A pitcher is a defensive player, and in a simple way – a player who throws the ball. Almost the entire dynamics of the game depends on his throw. In the pre-match analysis, special attention should be paid to the study of all pitchers of each team: their physical condition, motivation and, most importantly, participation in the upcoming game.


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